Investment Company Restarts Bulgaria – Georgia Ferry Line

Private investment company CSIF of Tsvetelina Borislavova is restoring the ferry line between Bulgaria and Georgia.

Through the Clever Synergies Investment Fund (CSIF), a second port in the Black Sea city of Burgas will be bought. The second port is located right next to the one purchased in 2013, according to Capital daily.

The two ports will be united because the activity of the ferry line will require a bigger area.

The ferry has already been bought and is to arrive in Bulgaria in around 10 days, according to Borislavova.

The ferry is to start running in August and it will provide both cargo and passenger services.

Borislavova points out that her long-term project includes launching a ferry line to the Transcaucasia.

In her words, the restart and development of the ferry line is an opportunity for the country to develop as a logistics center in this part of Europe.

The ferry has a capacity of 110 TIR Trucks or over 200 containers.

The purchase of the second port in Burgas by the CSIF completes the portfolio of business activities of the investment company.

The investment fund includes in its portfolio the Despred company, one of the biggest companies providing international freight forwarding services on the Bulgarian market.

In the autumn of 2013, Borislavova's investment fund acquired the port in the northeastern part of the Gulf of Burgas and the refrigeration facility and the fish processing company in the region of Fish Port – Burgas.

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