White House to ask Vucic on whose side is Serbia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic's meeting with the US Vice President Mike Pence on Monday in the United States is an opportunity to consolidate Belgrade's ties with Washington, but also to talk about issues that are troubling the US administration, first of all - on whose side is Belgrade, reports the Voice of America.

Announcing the first meeting of Vucic with the new US administration and his first visit to the US since he assumed the presidency, VOA is wondering what could be the message to the new president of Serbia from the White House.

Luke Coffey from the Heritage Foundation, ideologically close to the new US administration, says that he would advise the White House to convey a strong message to Serbia to decide whether it wants to have a constructive role in the region and dedicate itself to Euro-Atlantic integration, "or it will continue flirting with...

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