Four Killed, 36 Injured in Storms in Poland

Four people have been killed and 36 injured in storms that swept across Poland on the night between Friday and Saturday, according to the Government Centre for Security (RCB), Radio Poland reported. 

Two of the dead were at a scout camp where 150 people have been cut off and emergency services are unable to get in.
According to RCB spokeswoman Bożena Wysocka, all four fatalities and 25 of the injuries happened in the pomorskie province in Poland's north.

Electric supply has been cut to nearly 340,000 people, down from nearly half a million at the peak of the storm in which fierce winds knocked trees onto power lines and electrical substations.

Bad weather is expected to continue with storm warnings issued to five provinces: the warmińsko-mazurskie province in Poland's northeast, łódzkie, in the centre, małopolskie and śląskie in Poland's south, and świętokrzyskie in the southeast

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