NSI: Investments in 2017 to be with 9.5% Less in Comparison with 2016


The investment business inquiry of NSI carried out among industrial enterprises in October 2017 shows that the entrepreneurs expect the investments in the current year to be with 9.5% less in comparison with the previous 2016.

According to the main industrial groupings the highest relative share in investments in 2017 is expected to form the industries producing intermediate goods (39.1%), followed by energy and water-related industries (24.0%) and industries producing non-durable goods (20.5%).

By the business inquiry data, a decrease of the volume of investments in industry over 2018 by 4.8% compared to 2017 is predicted, as about 25% of the enterprises do not plan any expenditures on acquiring fixed assets over the next year. In the structure by main industrial groupings, the industries producing intermediate goods formed again the highest relative share - 38.2%. They are followed by the energy and water-related industries and industries producing non-durable goods with 29.6% and 15.5% respectively.

According to the direction of investments in 2018 the highest share is expected to be these for increase of production capacity - by 33.1% of the total amount of investments in industry. On the second place by 29.3% share are the planned investments for replacement of worn-out equipment followed by these for mechanization or automatization of existing production processes and for introduction of new technologies - by 23.0% and for protection of the environment, safety measures, etc. - by 14.6%.

As regards the factors that may influence on managers' decisions for investments in 2018 prevail the positive assessments on impact ('stimulating' or 'very stimulating') for 'demand of production' 4, 'financial resources or expected profits' 5 and ...

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