Thaci is discussing Kosovo's partition, says MP

According to Ilir Deda, Thaci has no legitimacy to lead the process of dialogue.

"When someone discusses partition of Kosovo, the society needs to mobilize," UNMIK's Media Observer quoted him as telling Pristina-based newspaper Zeri.

He added that "no decision can be taken on Kosovo's behalf without running them through the Assembly first."

Mozambique "fully supports Serbia's territorial integrity"

The interlocutors noted that the potential for renewal of cooperation between the two countries in the field of economy, politics, military and educational cooperation is extremely high, especially since it has been at standstill for many years, the Serbian government announced on its website.

"Russia's position on Kosovo remains unchanged"

At yesterday's regular press conference in Moscow, Zakharova thus responded to a journalist's question as to whether something had changed in Russia's position on Kosovo given Hashim Thaci's statement that he had a conversation with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Ankara earlier this week, Kosovo-based website KoSSev writes.

Albanian Telegraphic Agency: Tanjug-ATA, international conference on relations between Albanians and Serbs

TIRANA, July 10 /ATA/ - The bilateral relations and cooperation between Albanians and Serbs were the focus of the international conference titled 'Serbs and Albanians - Which Way Further?' jointly organised by Serbia's Tanjug news agency and the Albanian ATA news agency in Belgrade on Tuesday.