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The Janissaries – An Elite Ottoman Army Unit who became Public Enemy No.1

The walls of Vienna trembled on 27th of September, 1529, as strange music echoed close by. The sound of hundreds of drums stopped the heartbeats of the Austrian defenders. Also, the loud horn-like noise of the zurna pierced their souls, bringing fear of the unknown; of a distant menace coming from afar – The Janissaries.

Prime minister to plug Greece's role at NATO summit

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expected to plug Greece's geostrategic role as a pillar of stability in a volatile region and an important ally at Thursday's informal NATO summit in Brussels, which will be held under the dark shadow cast by Monday's terror attack in Manchester.

2 held in Greek border region for illegal herb harvesting

Greek police say they have arrested two Albanian men in a border region for allegedly illegally harvesting herbs growing wild on the mountainside.

A police statement Tuesday said the men aged 20 and 22 had gathered 16 kilos of ironwort, a herb used for a traditional tea. They were also charged with illegally entering Greece from Albania, in the Krystallopigi area.

Balkan Leaders Offer Condolences After Manchester Attack

Leaders of Balkan countries are sending messages of support to Great Britain after a suspected terror attack killed 22 persons, some of them children, and injured 59 at a concert in Manchester on Tuesday.

Albanian foreign minister Ditmir Bushati said he was "saddened by the horrific Manchester attack."

Kocijancic: Western Balkans a priority for EU

BRUSSELS - The W. Balkans is a priority for the EU, which is working together with international partners to support all countries of the region on their European path, Brussels says.

A sudden, almost simultaneous resolution of political crises in Albania and Macedonia is seen by the European Commission as a result of such joint engagement.

Mayor of town near Albanian border calls for gun trade crackdown

Andreas Papaspyrou, the mayor of Konitsa, near Greece's border with Albania, has called for better policing and heightened security in the border region following the discovery on Thursday of a cache of assault rifle ammunition, the latest in a string of such finds.

Balkans Leaders To Meet With EU's Mogherini


The leaders of six Western Balkan countries are scheduled to meet with the European Union's top diplomat on May 24 to discuss ways to overcome rising tensions and further their bids to join the EU, reports.

Albania Opposition to Join Govt Ahead of Election

Albania's ruling and opposition parties on Thursday unveiled a package of measures that form part of the deal on all parties taking party in the next elections, which have been postponed to June 25.

Why is there silence about assault on Kosovo journalists?

Former editor of the (Pristina) daily Zeri Arbana Xharra has been brutally beaten near her place of residence by "an unknown person."

The news has been reported by numerous media, while local media throughout Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia are discharging a sea of comments on the subject.

Albania Resolves Political Crisis With Election Deal

Three months of political stalemate in Albania ended early on Thursday after the two main political leaders, Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama and opposition Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha, said they had reached an accord on the participation of all parties in the forthcoming elections.

Albanian Villagers Ask Court to Stop River Power Plants

Villagers with the support of NGOs in the highlands of Albania have gone to court to try to overturn a decision approving construction of two hydropower plants on the Valbona River. This is the first big environmental case that is supposed to be discussed in court.

Izvestia: Realization of "Greater Albania" starts in June

Renowned Russian internet portal warns that after the early elections on June 11, extreme nationalists will reach the authorities in Pristina and they will begin the process of creating a "Greater Albania" and that war criminal Ramush Haradinaj will get one of the most important functions in the new government.

Thaci sees opportunity to "rewrite history"

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci says the opportunity has presented itself to "rewrite history on the basis of objectivity and scientific accuracy."