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Alpha Research: GERB Wins Vote, 6 Parties in Parliament

GERB has won the snap parliamentary elections with 5% of the votes ahead of the second largest political formation BSP.

The 44th Parliament will include six formations, while the coalition Reformist Bloc - Glas Naroden is on the verge of the 4% threshold, showed data of sociological agency Alpha Research based on exit poll surveys at voting sections.

GERB Wins Bulgaria's Snap Elections

GERB has won the snap parliamentary elections for the 44th Parliament with 32.8% ahead of its main opponent BSP - 28.4%, reported BGNES, citing exit poll data.

The new Parliament will also include the United Patriots - 8.8%, DPS - 7.7%, Volya - 4.6%. The Reformist Bloc is on the verge - 3.8%.

Tension Over Declarations Among Voters in Turkey's Bursa Continues

There are queues and tension during the snap elections in voting sections in Turkey.

In Bursa, where there are traditionally a huge number of people wishing to vote, the eelction process was halted for about ten minutes when voters burst into the building.

Voting Process in Australia, New Zealand Now Over

The Central Election Committee reports that the voting day in New Zealand and Australia is now over. The average turnout in Bulgaria was 25.31% at 1 pm. The highest level of participation so far has been registered in the Sofia District - 31.37%.

Bulgarians Abroad Voting in 70 Countries

The Bulgarians residing abroad may cast their ballot today in a total of 371 polling stations across 70 countries, announced BNR.

There are 101 fewer stations in Turkey, compared to the 2014 election, as their number for states outside the EU now shouldn't exceed 35, according to the law.

Voter Turnout by 10 a.m. Stands at 8.44%

Voter turnout in Sunday's early parliamentary elections in Bulgaria was 8.44% as at 10 a.m., the Central Election Commission reported.

A total of 574,657 people had cast their ballots by that time.

Turnout was highest in Smolyan, at 11.37 % (12,092 people), and lowest in Plovdiv, at 4.79%.

Election Day in Bulgaria is Going on Normally

The interior ministry reports that the election is going on normally and with no excessive events that could endanger the common voting process, according to BNR.

Latest data of the Central Election Committee show that a total of 6,810,336 Bulgarians have the right to vote today.

Voting For Bulgaria's Snap Parliamentary Elections '17 Begins

Polls opened in Bulgaria at 7am on March 26 for voting in the country's ahead-of-term election of a new Parliament.

These will be the country's tenth parliamentary elections since the start of democratic changes in 1989 and the fifth to be held before the legislature has served its full four-year term of office.

Bulgaria Enters Knife-Edge Parliamentary Contest

Polling stations are open between 7am and 8pm on Sunday in Bulgaria, where over 6.8 million people are entitled to vote to elect Bulgaria's 44th National Assembly.

A total of 45,701 Bulgarians living abroad have registered to take part in the vote, which will take place in 371 polling stations in 70 countries around the world.