Latest News from Bulgaria

Jens Stoltenberg Sees Bulgaria as Factor For Closer Ties of NATO, EU

 Cooperation between the European Union and NATO should become stronger, and Bulgaria has vowed to assist this process during its 2018 Presidency of the European Union.'' This was the message of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg who was interviewed by the Bulgarian National Television.

Bulgaria's External Debt Lowest as of Decade

Statistics of the Central Bank shows that in the end of March 2017 Bulgaria's external debt was at its lowest since 2009, reaching its lowest level over the past decade as GDP ratio, announced  BNR.

It was EUR 34.2 bln end-March, shrunk by EUR 130M on March 2016 - to 70.2% of GDP.

The Janissaries – An Elite Ottoman Army Unit who became Public Enemy No.1

The walls of Vienna trembled on 27th of September, 1529, as strange music echoed close by. The sound of hundreds of drums stopped the heartbeats of the Austrian defenders. Also, the loud horn-like noise of the zurna pierced their souls, bringing fear of the unknown; of a distant menace coming from afar – The Janissaries.

2 Border Officers Detained in Operation Against Illegal Migration at Sofia Airport

Bulgarian authorities have detained six people, including two border police officers, in an operation against illegal migration at the Sofia airport last night. Two others are foreigners who organised the canal, while the other two are people who sought to benefit from the scheme.

Premiers of Bulgaria and Turkey Discuss Situation in Balkans

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his Turkish counterpart Binali Yildirim discussed over the phone the situation in the Balkans, reported the Bulgarian National Radio.

The leaders have found that cooperation between Bulgaria and Turkey is of particular importance for the stability of the region and for cutting the migration flow to Europe.

President Radev on Vatican Visit

Following his participation in the NATO summit in Brussels, Bulgarian President Ruen Radev has arrived in Rome leading a delegation which will visit the Vatican in connection with the Day of the Bulgarian Education and Culture and of the Slavonic Alphabet, reported BNR.

3 People Dead, 23 Injured in Road Accidents During Past Day

Three people died in road accidents during the past 24 hours in Bulgaria, the press centre of the Ministry of Interior announced.

A total of 20 road accidents occurred in the country, in which 23 people were injured and one's life was in danger. In the capitol Sofia, a total of 137 minor and 4 serious road accidents occurred, in which 4 people were injured.

Total Turnover Index in Transportation and Storage Sector up 2.4% in Q1 2017

During the first quarter of 2017, the total turnover index in the Transportation and Storage sector in Bulgaria went up by 2.4% compared to the fourth quarter of 2016, according to a statistic of the National Statistical Institute (NSI), cited by Focus News Agency.

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee Launches a Campaign for Abolishment

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC), the leading organization for protecting human rights, is about to be shut down, reports Mediapool.

In a video, part of the campaign, several Bulgarian activists, public men and journalists urge for closing down the Committee.

President Rumen Radev to Join NATO Summit

President Rumen Radev will participate in the NATO summit today in Brussels. During today`s meeting presidents of both the USA and France - Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron - are about to join in for the first time.

Putin's Homage to Cyrillic Makes Bulgarians See Red

А number of Bulgarian ministers and diplomats have condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin for telling his Macedonian colleague George Ivanov on May 24 - the Day of Slavic Literacy - that the Cyrillic script came from Macedonia.

"The Slavic alphabet and literature came to us from Macedonian soil", Putin told Ivanov during the Macedonian President's visit to Moscow.