Latest News from Croatia

Greek-Albanian border region closely monitored

Despite a 31 percent drop in migrant inflows via the Greek-Albanian border since the beginning of the year, the European Union's border agency Frontex remains on the alert in Ioannina, northwestern Greece. 

Croatian Satirist Threatened for Operation Storm Show

Domagoj Zovak, whose satirical TV show News Bar Prime Time airs on regional cable N1 TV, received death threat after the latest episode, about the 23rd anniversary of Croatian military operation 'Storm'.

"You too will also get [a bullet] in the back of the head," said a message sent to Zovak on Facebook.

Israeli F-16S: A Possible Upgrade to the Bulgarian Air Force

Israel is in the running to replace Bulgaria's aging MiG-29s after Sofia gave the green light to replace its Soviet-designed jets.

Bulgaria's parliament approved the plan to buy the jets in June in order to improve its compliance with NATO standards - which it joined in 2004 - in a 3.5 billion leva (NIS 7.4 billion) military modernization project.

Genoa Bridge Collapse Sparks Safety Concerns in Balkans

The collapse of a bridge in the Italian city of Genoa which left 39 people dead on Tuesday has raised safety concerns in some Balkan countries over the state of their own transportation infrastructure.

Montenegro to Deploy Troops to Deter Migrants

Montenegro's government has authorised the Defence Ministry to deploy the army to help handle a migrant crisis, granting the military the right to deploy a range of joint patrols with police forces.

Croatian Singer Cancels Montenegro Gig over 'Stolen' Ship

Vanna on Tuesday cancelled the concert that was due to take place in the coastal town of Tivat on the deck of the Montenegrin military's ship 'Jadran' amid an ongoing row over the vessel's ownership.

The concert planned for August 17 was cancelled after the pop singer came under pressure in Croatia not to perform on a boat that critics said was "stolen" from her home country.

Freight carriers eye domestic rail network

Greece's railway sector only accounts for 1 percent of all journeys travelled by passengers and 1.5 percent of freight transported per kilometer, leaving its rail market even smaller than that of Luxembourg, data from the country's Rail Regulatory Authority (RAS) has shown.

"Germans, ask your grandfathers about Russia"

"After everything Germany has done to our country, I think, they should not talk on the issue for another two hundred years. Ask your grandparents about their experience of talking to Russia from the position of strength. They will probably be able to tell you," he said.

Vucic launches offensive: Putin, Trump, Macron...

The daily added that it learned Serbia's top officials are also embarking on a diplomatic offensive in September.

According to the newspaper, which cited top government circles, India's Vice President Venkaiah Naidu is coming to Belgrade. After that, Blic said, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic should meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Cable Operator United Group to Meet Potential Buyers

Dutch-based cable and pay-TV operator United Group is to conduct meetings over the coming week with potential buyers, two sources familiar with the matter told BIRN, ahead of a reported auction in September.

Matic becomes presidential envoy for missing in Croatia

Veran Matic was actively engaged in the anti-war activities during the nineties. He took part in humanitarian campaigns including the mass campaign of helping the victims of Operation Storm back in 1995, when we gathered aid and then distributed it with the assistance of Belgrade cab drivers, all the way to Banja Luka...

"Serbia enjoys China's unreserved support"

During his meeting, Vulin "expressed gratitude for the principled position of China and the unreserved support of Serbia on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija at the United Nations Security Council."