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PM puzzled by "increasingly bizarre situation"

Brnabic on Friday added that she "does not know what more Serbia can do" - replying to reporters who asked her to comment on Croatia's continued insistence that Serbia should "clearly and unequivocally" condemn the behavior of Vojislav Seselj that had led to a Croatian delegation cutting short their visit.

Balkan Dams Spell Doom for Europe's Rarest Fish

Up to a tenth of Europe's fish species could be wiped out or decimated by planned hydropower dams in Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro, according to new research by the University of Graz, the UK Guardian has reported.

Has incident with Croatian flag actually happened?

The "Ustasha" reference concerns the WW2-era, Nazi allied Independent State of Croatia (NDH) - and the leader of the opposition SRS spoke to reporters a day after an incident in the Serbian National Assembly that prompted a visiting Croatian delegation to cut short their visit, and Zagreb to attempt to deliver a protest note to the Serbian ambassador to Croatia.

Prime minister condemns conduct of Vojislav Seselj

The attempt at tearing apart Croatian or any other flag or state symbols and insulting members of official delegations on a friendly visit to our country is not a behavior that represents Serbia, Brnabic said, adding:

"In this way I want to condemn unambiguously, directly and in the harshest terms the conduct of Vojislav Seselj in the Serbian parliament.

Croatian delegation leaves Belgrade after "Seselj's rampage"

The Croatian government announced on Twitter that the entire delegation would return to Croatia, while the Zagreb-based media published a statement from the office of the Croatian Assembly President Goran Jandrokovic, who was in Serbia today.

Bulgaria is Second in the EU in the Proportion of Births outside Marriage

Over 5.1 million babies were born in the European Union (EU) in 2016. In eight of the 28 Member States, the majority of babies were born outside marriage, while in eight other member States two-thirds of babies were born to married parents.

Proportion of births outside marriage highest in France, lowest in Greece

Liverpool to Face Roma in Champions League Semi-finals

Liverpool will take on Roma for a place in this year's Champions League final after the two sides were pitted against each other at the draw in Nyon.

The Reds came through an all-Premier League quarter-final against Manchester City, winning the first leg 3-0 at Anfield and the second 2-1 at the Etihad Stadium.

Croatian Conservatives Protest Against Anti-Violence Treaty

Over 10,000 protesters from all over Croatia, as well as from Bosnia and Herzegovina, gathered on Thursday evening in the centre of the coastal city of Split to protest against Zagreb's upcoming ratification Council of Europe's Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, widely known as the Istanbul Convention.

24 EU Countries Sign Artificial Intelligence Pact in Bid to Compete with US & China

Twenty-four EU countries pledged to band together to form a "European approach" to artificial intelligence in a bid to compete with American and Asian tech giants.

Ministers signed a declaration on Tuesday (10 April) saying they will consider putting public research funding into AI, but did not promise a specific amount of dedicated new investments.

Road fatalities in Greece remain high

Fatalities on Greek roads have dropped significantly but the country still has one of the highest rates of traffic-related deaths, proportionate to its population, in the European Union.

In Greece last year road deaths came to 69 fatalities for every 1 million inhabitants compared to a European Union average of 49 deaths per 1 million inhabitants, according to EU data.

Seselj Conviction Leaves War Victims Dissatisfied

There was dissatisfaction in Sarajevo and Zagreb after Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj was convicted of wartime crimes in Serbia but cleared of wrongdoing in Bosnia and Croatia.

Balkans Sliding Towards Illiberalism, Freedom House Warns

The spread of illiberal politics is becoming the "new normal" in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Eurasia, US-based watchdog Freedom House warned in its annual 'Nations in Transit' report, published on Wednesday.

UN Court to Deliver Vojislav Seselj Verdict

The UN court in The Hague is to hand down its verdict on Serbian Radical Party leader Seselj, accused of wartime crimes in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, after a prosecution appeal against his initial acquittal.

Bulgarian PM is on an Official Visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov is on a working  visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina where he will open the International Economic Fair.

With his presence, Prime Minister Borissov will highlight the importance of the economic development of the Western Balkan countries for their European perspective, the Government Information Service said.