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Greek institute says may have been 'deceived' in alleged Tom Hanks event

A company called Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (HICD) said on Thursday is was working to clarify if its representative had been "deceived" over an alleged agreement with American actor Tom Hanks to participate in an event honoring his work.

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson slam Greek institute for using actor's name without permission

Actress and singer Rita Wilson accused a company called Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (HICD) of fraud, after it used the name of her husband, actor Tom Hanks, to promote an event where the award-winning actor would allegedly be honored for his work.

Wilson clarified that Hanks never signed or agreed to be in any way involved in HICD or the event they promote.

Princess Chelsea | Athens | October 5

New Zealand-based indie/pop artist Princess Chelsea will perform in Athens for the first time on Friday, October 5, in a show at the Fuzz Live Music Club. The singer is best known in Greece for her hit "The Cigarette Duet," featuring Jonathan Bree. The opening act on the night will be Greek indie-pop band Le Page. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Tsipras's last card

Alexis Tsipras started out like a rock star in the eyes of the European and American left. He was seen as being at the vanguard in the so-called battle against austerity.

Animasyros | Syros | September 26-30

Greece's biggest animated film festival, Animasyros, is taking place from September 26 to 30 this year, featuring more than 200 entries from 30-plus countries. The event on the Cycladic island of Syros includes screenings and special events for children, as well as a special sections on the output of different countries and social groups, tributes and showcases.

Ruling party hogs talk show airtime on state TV in 2017

Officials from ruling SYRIZA took up 49 percent of airtime on talk shows hosted by Greece's private and public television stations in 2017, National Broadcasting Council (ESR) data show, with state channel ERT giving the leftist party 61.2 percent of its panel time.

DEAFestival | Athens | September 21-24

The DEAFestival for deaf and hard of hearing individuals will take place at Pedion tou Areos park, the Trianon Cinema (21 Kodringtonos, Patission) and the Titania Hotel (52 Panepistimiou) from September 21 to 24, bringing the community in Greece together and raising awareness among the general public with a plethora of events.

Media snub is no solution

When a political party decides to boycott a specific media outlet for whatever reason, it doesn't really achieve anything tangible.

Here in Greece, such practices were started by SYRIZA and other similar forces, but media boycotts happen all over the world, called for by all sorts of parties when they don't like what they see or hear on the news or on political talk shows.

A bizarre political landscape

I sense that Greece's next elections will be a bit like the first elections of 2012. Back then, the country's political and media establishment were shocked at the rise of anti-systemic parties SYRIZA, Golden Dawn and Independent Greeks (ANEL).

Papakonstantinou & Malamas | Athens | September 10

Two of most prominent artists in Greece's art-house genre, Thanasis Papakonstantinou and Sokratis Malamas, are on tour promoting a joint recording project - "Me Stoma pou Yela" (With a Smiling Mouth), released in February to critical acclaim - and will be performing at the Technopolis complex on Monday, September 10, starting at 9 p.m.

Christian Ronig | Thessaloniki | September 7

German singer-songwriter Christian Ronig - the talent behind the excellent English adaptation of "Minore tis Avgis" called "Dawn in Minor" - will appear at the Lazariston Monastery as part of the venue's summer festival, on Friday, September 7.

Clear-headed journalism

Journalism is facing a major crisis on a global scale, as the job becomes more complex and constantly presents fresh dilemmas.

Golden Stag trophy goes to Inis Neziri of Albania

The EUR 25k trophy of the Golden Stag International Festival was won by Inis Neziri of Albania, and it was handed by Luminita Dobrescu, the first singer of Romania who grabbed this trophy back in 1969, at the second edition of the festival.

The 1st Prize of the contest was won by Olivier Kaye (Belgium) and was handed by Gabriel Garko, a special guest of the festival.