Latest News from Macedonia

More Macedonians Feel Country is Stable, Survey Shows

The number of Macedonians who see the political situation in the Balkan country as "peaceful and stable" rose from only 5 per cent in March to 44 per cent in August, a survey published on Monday by the International Republican Institute, IRI, an NGO, says.

Bulgaria and Macedonia to Discuss Cooperation in the Military Sphere

Defence Minister Krasimir Karakachanov will discuss issues pertaining to bilateral cooperation in the military sphere with Macedonia's Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska in Skopje today, reported Mediapool.

Minister Karakachanov will raise the question of holding a joint exercise between the special forces of the two countries scheduled for the next year.

Two Turkish citizens detained over crossing into Greece illegally

Greek police said they have detained two Turkish men who crossed into the country illegally from Macedonia, and arrested a Macedonian man accused of smuggling them into Greece.

The two Turkish men, aged 36 and 39, crossed into Greece on a small boat across Doirani Lake and were detained on the night of Sept. 13, police said in a statement on Sept. 14.

School Year in Bulgaria Begins

September 5 is the day when the school year is traditionally opened in the Bulgarian schools. Until 1921, students in Bulgaria began their classes on September 1, but the date was has been changed with two weeks because of Alexander Stamboliiski's agricultural government so children to help their families to harvest the crop.

Balkan Citizens Still Trust 'Corrupt' Police, Survey Shows

A new survey published on Thursday by a regional network of NGOs, Pointpulse and the Belgrade Center for Security Policy, shows that well over half of all surveyed citizens in the Western Balkans - 58 per cent - trust their police forces despite viewing them as corrupt.

The Film "Glory" is the Bulgarian Nomination for Oscar

The film "Glory" by Christina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov is the Bulgarian proposal for an Oscar for a foreign language film, the National Film Center announced on its website.

Balkans Anchored to EU - Despite China's Growth, Report

Trade volume between China and countries along the "Balkan Silk Road" reached 3.3 billion euros in 2015-16, but Europe still remains the most important foreign trade partner of Balkan countries, according to a new report commissioned by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, or EBRD, and published on Thursday.

Protest In Skopje Against Albanian Language Bill

More than 100 people gathered in front of FYROM's (Macedonia's) parliament to protest against a draft law to extend the official use of Albanian language to the entire country, as lawmakers started debating the bill.

The September 13 protest in Skopje was organized by the nationalist organization Tvrdokorni (Hard-core), the World Macedonian Congress, and several other groups.

FYROM wants EU membership process, Greek talks to run in tandem

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) hopes it has done enough to convince the European Union to start accession talks while a quarter-of-a-century-long row with neighboring Greece rumbles on, its foreign minister said on Wednesday.

Juncker Urges EU to Integrate Balkan States

Europe should be more open to the Western Balkans and should rapidly integrate Romania and Bulgaria into the passport-free Schengen Agreement, European Commission Chief Jean Claude Juncker told the European Parliament on Wednesday during his third annual State of the European Union Speech.

Juncker: Turkey is taking giant strides away from EU

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Sept. 13 that he saw no prospect of Turkey joining the EU "in the foreseeable future," adding that Ankara is "taking giant strides" away from the bloc.

Weather to worsen, EMY forecasts in emergency bulletin

The Greek Meteorological Services (EMY) has issued a weather bulletin forecasting a sudden turn of conditions with topical storms and heavy rains hitting western Greece Monday. The phenomena are expected to start midday and last till Monday night. The areas expected to bear the brunt of the weather phenomena are the Ionian islands, Epirus, western mainland Greece and central Macedonia.

Macedonia Govt Defends Record After Completing 100 Days

Macedonia's new government on Wednesday completed its first 100 days in office, which Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said he considered a success both in terms of domestic and foreign policy.

The opposition, however, said Zaev's new Social Democrat-led government was responsible only for "cancelled projects, economic downfall, borrowing, reckless and superficial moves".

"No doubt FYROM will vote for Kosovo to join Interpol"

FYROM (Macedonia) will in late September vote in favor of Pristina joining Interpol, says Ivan Stoilkovski, a member of the Macedonian Assembly.

Belgrade is opposed to the possibility of allowing Kosovo to join the organization.