Latest News from Macedonia

Athens had no choice but to expel Russian diplomats, sources say

The evidence regarding Moscow's meddling in Greece with regard to the name deal with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is "irrefutable" according to Greek diplomatic sources after two Russian diplomats were expelled and two Russian nationals were barred from entering the country.

Greek court deliberates on appeal to suspend FYROM name deal

The Council of State, Greece's highest administrative court, discussed on Friday an appeal by pan-Macedonian associations to suspend the agreement signed between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) last month on the latter's name, which aims to end a 27-year dispute.

Heavy Traffic from Serbia to Bulgaria via Kalotina

Sofia. On Kalotina checkpoint, on the Bulgarian-Serbian border, there is heavy inbound traffic with queues on the Serbian side of the border, Border Police said. At Kapitan Andreevo and Ruse, there is heavy traffic of trucks to Turkey and Romania, respectively.

Bulgaria Takes Step Towards Eurozone 'Waiting Room'

Finance ministers of Eurozone countries and the European Central Bank, ECB, on Thursday welcomed Bulgaria's intention to "put in place the necessary elements for a successful entry into ERM 2" - the so-called "waiting room" for the Eurozone.

Zaev calls NATO's invite to FYROM for talks a 'big bang'

The prime minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, lauded NATO's decision to invite the tiny Balkan nation to begin accession talks, describing it as a "big bang."

Russia complains FYROM being sucked into NATO by force

The Russian Foreign Ministry complained on Thursday that the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) was being sucked into the NATO military alliance by force, saying such moves deepened divisions and increased tensions in Europe.

Bigger carrot and bigger stick will fix Balkans - FT

And this is true despite the gathering "delivering warm words and worthy initiatives," said an opinion piece entitled, "EUs waning influence opens a dangerous vacuum in the Balkans," cited on Thursday by Beta agency.

"Stronger Serbia-NATO ties benefit everyone"

That is what NATO leaders said in a joint statement in Brussels on July 11, Beta agency reported.

They also and welcomed the constant progress in building the NATO-Serbia partnership, and supported the political dialogue and practical cooperation to that end.

NATO formally invites Macedonia to begin membership talks

The alliance said that Macedonia can join once its name dispute with Greece is resolved.

NATO leaders have formally invited Macedonia while cautioning that it the move cannot be completed until the name issue is resolved, the agency said.

FYROM accession, Greek soldiers on PM's NATO agenda

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is expected on Thursday to invite the prime minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Zoran Zaev, to start accession talks.

Albania PM eyes 'strategic partnership' with Greece

Athens and Tirana will wrap up a bilateral agreement with "a new document of strategic partnership," Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama told the Athens-Macedonia news agency (ANA-MPA) on the sidelines of an EU-Western Balkans summit in London on Tuesday.

Macedonia Expects Long-Awaited NATO Invitation

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told a press conference on Tuesday that Macedonia will be invited to start accession talks at the summit, but will only be able to join after implementing the name deal with Greece.

"Old, New, Orthodox" - CIA predicts a fragmented Europe

Namely, the CIA sees the European continent as quite different to what it is today in the near future - divided in three parts: "new," "old," and "(Christian) Orthodox" - and Serbia would be a part of the third.

Dimitris Kammenos, Takis Baltakos planning new right-wing party

Dimitris Kammenos, an ultranationalist lawmaker who recently left the ranks of coalition partner Independent Greeks in opposition to the name deal with Skopje, and Takis Baltakos, an ultra-conservative former high-level official in the government of Antonis Samaras, are forming a new party.

Macedonia Opposition Puts 'Name' Referendum at Risk

Macedonia's main opposition party is jeopardizing the planned autumn referendum on the historic name deal with Greece by blocking the appointment of a new electoral commission that is supposed to prepare it.

Eleven days after the deadline expired to appoint a new State Electoral Commission, DIK, there is no sign that the political gridlock is about to be overcome.