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Serbia to host field simulation exercise with NATO in 2018

BRUSSELS - In 2018, Serbia will for the first time host a field simulation exercise for emergency situations in cooperation with the NATO Euro-Atlantic Centre for Disaster Response (EADRCC), according to

Serbia has successfully participated in similar exercises in Montenegro in 2016 and in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017, the portal notes.

ISO 639-2: Montenegrin is separate language

The US Library of Congress, as the registration authority for ISO 639-2 standard, has recognized Montenegrin and assigned it a language code.

This came nine years after Montenegro's Cetinje-based National Library Djurdje Crnojevic first apply for international codification of the Montenegrin language.

Serbia and Israel mark 25 years of renewed diplomatic ties

Serbia's First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said this on Thursday while opening the conference "Years of Jubilee," dedicated to celebrating 25 years since the renewal of diplomatic relations with Israel.

"Montenegrin as separate language is politics, not science"

This came nine years after Montenegro's Cetinje-based National Library Djurdje Crnojevic first apply for international codification of the Montenegrin language.

In July this year, the US Library of Congress registration authority rejected the application, saying that this language was one of the variants of Serbian.

Montenegro Activists to Protest Trump's Jerusalem Move

Activists will rally on Friday in Podgorica, joining others in capitals worldwide to protest against Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

The organisers of the protest said they wanted to send a message warning about a new possible armed conflict in the Middle East.

Declassified documents show how NATO tricked Russia

Sputnik is reporting this on Wednesday.

The Russian broadcaster said that US and Western European leaders repeatedly promised their Soviet and Russian counterparts in the early 1990s that NATO would not expand into Eastern Europe, according to a series of declassified documents posted by George Washington University's National Security Archive on Tuesday.

"After many years, CFR lists Balkans as problem"

Serwer spoke for the N1 broadcaster in Bosnia-Herzegovina, after the US NGO published its "Preventive Priorities Survey 2017."

Serwer said that he did not think the document should make people in the Balkans "more afraid than they already are."

Montenegro Opposition's Parliament Boycott Starts to Fray

Montenegro's largest opposition group, the Democratic Front, says it will return to parliament, a move which would end a collective opposition boycott that began after elections in October 2016, which government opponents claim were fraudulent.

Bosnia Marks Rise in Illegal Border Crossings

The Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina recorded 605 attempts of illegal border crossings over 2017, with the vast majority being from high migration risk countries. This is an almost threefold increase from 2016, when 218 attempts were recorded.

Western Balkans: A window of opportunity?

WASHINGTON DC - The Western Balkans are back on the agenda in Washington, while negotiations between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on resolving the lingering name issue have just got under way in Brussels.

Montenegrin Language Granted International Recognition

The authorities in Montenegro said on Monday that the country has been granted an international 'ISO' code for the Montenegrin language by the International Organization for Standardization, the global standard-setting body.

Montenegro, Croatia 'Close to Deal' on Disputed Yugoslav Ship

Defence ministries in Montenegro and Croatia have hinted that they might be close to resolving their long-running dispute over Jadran, a Yugoslav ship which is currently part of the Montenegrin naval fleet based in the port of Tivat, but is also claimed by Croatia.

Montenegro: Milo Djukanovic to return to power?

Montenegro's ruling DPS party wants its leader Milo Djukanovic to be a candidate in the presidential elections in 2018.

The Podgorica-based daily Pobjeda writes that the DPS main board will meet to consider this by the end of the month - and that the mood "at all party levels" is "unanimously" in favor of Djukanovic running.