Latest News from Montenegro

Church in Montenegro Marks Centenary of Romanovs' Deaths

The Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro has commemorated the centenary of the killing of the Russian imperial family at Ekaterinburg with numerous events held under the slogan "The Romanov Family - 100 years of Holiness".

Strasbourg Court to Rule on Montenegro War Deportations

The European Court of Human Rights is to decide whether there is a legal basis for a lawsuit against Montenegro in a case related to the wartime deportation of 83 Bosniak refugees, who were later killed.

"Only Serbia isn't accepting NATO reality"

"You saw what (Macedonian) Prime Minister Zaev said, an agreement between Macedonia and Greece is almost there, and they expect an invitation for NATO, and almost all other countries are already in NATO or going there," the leader of the opposition DS said during a security conference held in Montenegro, Beta reported, quoting the party.

"I'm not defending Vucic, I'm saving him"

"This criminal organization was created not only because of Montenegro, but also because of other areas, and it is clear that a similar situation was being prepared in Serbia, too. What was being prepared for then Montenegrin Prime Minister (Milo Djukanovic) was also planned in Serbia," Milivoje Katnic said in the Higher Court in Podgorica.

Nis-Sofia gas pipeline "sooner than planned"

This is because the project is "important to ensure the security of supply of both Serbia and Bulgaria and the entire region," the government quoted Brnabic as saying on Monday.

Montenegro may build fence on Albanian border to stop migrants

Montenegro, seeing a rise in the number of migrants passing through the country on a new route to the European Union, is considering building a razor wire fence on its border with Albania to stem the flow, a government official said on Sunday.

Impoverished Opposition Bastion Poses Test for Montenegro Leader

Local elections on May 20 in the tiny northern town of Pluzine, which just over 2,500 voters, are being seen as an important trial of strength both for the opposition and ruling parties in Montenegro.  

Pluzine is the only town in Montenegro where the country's ruler for several decades, Milo Djukanovic, and his party, have never won either a general or local election.

EU urges Balkans reform but cool on accepting new members

European Union leaders encouraged Balkans countries on May 17 to continue on the path of EU-oriented reform but were cool on any of the six joining the bloc in the near future.

"Nobody has guaranteed us EU, people are no longer jubilant"

The broadcaster's Sandor Zsiros recalled that Vucic told Euronews two year ago Serbia was "tired of waiting for European Union accession," and asked, "How do you feel now, before the Sofia summit?"

Montenegro Opens Probes into ISIS Fighters, Recruiters

Montenegro's Special Prosecution for Organised Crime has begun probes of several Montenegrin citizens who reportedly fought in the Middle East or financed the sending of fighters to conflict zone, BIRN has learned.

Bosnian Serbs Want Border Closed to Migrants

The government of Republika Srpska on Sunday called for tighter control of Bosnia's state borders, closure of the borders to migrants and an increased police presence on frontiers.

Police Demand for Journalists' Data Worries Montenegrin Media

Media associations in Montengero have criticised the country's Police Directorate for demanding a list of journalists covering organised crime.

Police say they need the information to assess whether reporters are under threat.

"Rajoy loses war in Balkans"

However, he has lost "the Balkan War", writes Spanish website El Confidencial.

The Spanish government has made an effort to prevent Kosovo from being treated as a state at the upcoming EU-Western Balkans summit in Sofia.

UNSC meets on Kosovo: Pristina won't like Guterres report

The session will discuss the UN secretary-feneral's report on the work of the UN mission in Kosovo, UNMIK, covering the period from January 17 to April 15.

In his presentation, Dacic will give a review of the report, i.e., he will outline our assessment of the current situation in Kosovo and Metohija and the functioning of UNMIK, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

Sofia Summit to Strengthen EU-Balkan Connections

Connectivity among the Western Balkan countries will be the main topic of the EU-Western Balkans summit in Sofia on May 17, according to the Montenegrin government's platform, which BIRN has seen.