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Watch Donald Trump pushes leader aside at NATO meeting! (video)

President Donald Trump’s push to get in front of the pack at a NATO summit generated indignation in the Balkans and garnered attention on social media — but the man he shoved aside took it in stride.

4 found guilty for drowning of 35 Kosovo Roma refugees

The Court of Appeals of Montenegro has found four defendants guilty for a boat accident in 1999 that resulted in the deaths of 35 Roma refugees from Kosovo.

The Miss Pat, registered to carry six passengers and two crew, had about 70 people on board when it sank near Budva, Montenegro in the summer of 1999.

Montenegro to join NATO on June 5

Montenegro should become a member of NATO on June 5 when it submits the documents on joining the alliance in Washington, NATO officials have said.

Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic will today attend the NATO summit in Brussels as observer, where US President Donald Trump will participate for the first time.

Montenegro readies to join NATO alliance

Montenegro's Prime Minister Dusko Markovic did not mince his words when Russia last month announced a ban on imports from the Balkan country's biggest winemaker.

"It is clear that the decision is in the context of [Montenegro's] NATO membership," he said, pointing out that Russian citizens had "lost an opportunity to consume the best wines."

Serbian General Denies Montenegro Putsch Charges

A former top general in Serbia's elite Gendarmerie unit, Bratislav Dikic, on Wednesday denied having backed an alleged coup plot in Montenegro during the elections in the republic last October.

Dikic told the court in Podgorica at the pre-trial session that he was a victim of the "fabricated charges" of the Montenegrin Special Prosecution.

Balkan Leaders Offer Condolences After Manchester Attack

Leaders of Balkan countries are sending messages of support to Great Britain after a suspected terror attack killed 22 persons, some of them children, and injured 59 at a concert in Manchester on Tuesday.

Albanian foreign minister Ditmir Bushati said he was "saddened by the horrific Manchester attack."

Balkans Leaders To Meet With EU's Mogherini


The leaders of six Western Balkan countries are scheduled to meet with the European Union's top diplomat on May 24 to discuss ways to overcome rising tensions and further their bids to join the EU, reports.

Milacic: Montenegro will become first country to leave NATO

Photo: MoD of Montenegro

The North Atlantic Alliance intends to use its newest member, Montenegro, to militarize the Balkan Peninsula, political activist and one of the leaders of the Resistance to Hopelessness movement Marko Milacic told Sputnik Serbia.

Monument of Duke Petrovic Sparks Row in Montenegro

The Montenegrin capital Podgorica is set to erect a monument to Grand Duke Mirko Petrovic on June 13. However, the decision has angered pro-Serbian opposition parties and organisations which consider that particular member of the Petrovic dynasty an "enemy of the Serbs".

"With Montenegro in, Serbians could view NATO differently"

Montenegro's membership in NATO could change the way Serbians view the alliance, says Janusz Bugajski.

According to this senior fellow at the Washington-based Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), this is possible "if Montenegro becomes more successful and attracts more investments."

Romania Worst Hit in Balkans by Cyber-Attack

Several Balkan countries braced on Monday for a new wave of cyberattacks, as Europol warned that last Friday's WannaCry ransomware attack, which affected 150 countries, might trigger aftershocks as people returned to work in the morning.

Bosnians Show Sky's the Limit for Famous Cheese

Students from the Livno-based secondary vocational school, Silvije Strahimir Kranjcevic, will next week attach a piece of the region's famous salty white Livno cheese to a meteorological balloon and send it to a height of 35,000 metres.

Pilgrims Flock to Ostrog, Montenegro's Healing Shrine

Thousands of Christian believers from Montenegro and the region started the traditional pilgrimage to Ostrog monastery near the town of Niksic to celebrate the St Vasilije's [St Basil's] Day on May 12.

Ramush Haradinaj Kosovo's next PM?

Photo: Reuters (2012)

After the fall of the Kosovo government, the question is now being posed of who might become the new prime minister.

Sputnik is reporting that it could be Ramush Haradinaj.