Latest News from Romania

Caretaker Government to Take Decisions For Opening Consulates in Some Countries

Caretaker Government will adopt at its regular meeting today  the opening of consulates of Bulgaria in Taraklia, Moldova; in Zaporozhye - Ukraine and Katowice - Poland, according to BNR.

Ministers will approve the national position for the summit of the EU in Rome on March 25.

Balkan States Linked to Russian Money-Laundering Scheme

Media reports about the massive money-laundering scheme which siphoned $20.8 billion (19.2 billion euros) from 19 Russian banks have named Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina among the countries where suspicious financial transactions took place.

Romania Claims Progress in Recovering Corrupt Officials' Assets

Money reclaimed by a specialist agency in Roamnia from convicted officials is already being channelled to government projects related to civic education, crime prevention and victim protection, it has been announced.

The government says it aims to recover over half a billion euros from former officials and businessmen sentenced for graft-related crimes.

UK Prince to Woo Romania Amid Brexit Talks

As Britain tries to soften up its European partners ahead of the start of tough Brexit negotiations, the UK government is deploying one of its trustiest weapons - the royal family.

Minister's Foreign Language Struggles Mocked in Romania

Romania's Labour Minister is in trouble over her foreign language skills - or lack of them - after two speeches by her in English and French at a UN event on women's rights went viral.

Bulgaria One of Top 8 of EU Countries With High Risk of Poverty

Bulgaria is among the eight countries of the European Union in which people live with a considerably higher risk of poverty compared to the bloc's richer members, EU statistics suggest., quoted by BNR.

Romania, Latvia and Lithuania are the riskiest among the eight countries, and Bulgaria ranks fifth in the chart.

Romanian MPs to Inspect Intelligence Agency Offices

Members of the Intelligence Commission in Romania's Parliament will soon be popping up unannounced in the coming weeks in the offices of Romania's Intelligence Service, SRI.

The move follows a controversy over the SRI's alleged cooperation with Romania's anti-graft watchdog, the DNA.

Romanian Officials Clash over Anti-Graft Legislation

Romanian senators are to discuss a bill on Wednesday that would forbid the president from naming the chief prosecutors at the country's anti-graft watchdogs - a move which has caused new tensions between the ruling Social Democratic Party-Alliance of Liberals and Democrats coalition and President Klaus Iohannis.

Bulgarian Activists, Journalists Named 'Foreign Mercenaries'

The 240-page book called 'Robbers of Democracy', which was distributed free with the Telegraph daily newspaper, part of the Balkan Media Company linked to controversial media mogul Delyan Peevski, has caused anger among those accused of being "foreign mercenaries".

Bulgaria Reports Negative Trade Balance With EU for 2016

In 2016, Bulgaria's exports to the EU increased by 7.2%, compared to 2015 and reached BGN 31.153 B, showed data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI).

The main trading partners of Bulgaria were Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece and France, which accounted for 63.8% of the exports to EU member-states.

Hungary Fears Measles Epidemic Coming From Romania

Hungarian health authorities have quarantined a hospital in Mako, southeast Hungary, after declaring a measles epidemic, and warned on Thursday that the virus might have come from over the border in Romania, where there has been an outbreak in recent months.

Bulgarians See Free Movement as Most Cherished EU Right

Freedom of movement is the most essential right enjoyed within the EU, according to a vast majority of Bulgarians, a survey finds.

The Eurobarometer poll shows some 87% of Bulgarians approve the policy.

Following are common security (72%) and migration (68%) policies.

Romania's Kovesi to Visit Bulgaria Despite Opposition

Laura Kovesi is to participate in a conference on Romania's experience in fighting corruption on the invitation of the President of Bulgaria's Supreme Court of Cassation, Lozan Panov, a spokesperson of the court told BIRN on Wednesday.

Births in Greece down by 10.1 pct compared with 2001

The number of births in Greece in 2015 was 10.2 percent lower than those in 2001, according to figures published on Wednesday by the European Commission's statistical agency, Eurostat.

The data show that 102,282 children were born in Greece in 2001 but this number fell to 91,847 in 2015. This was the fifth highest relative fall in the European Union during this period.