Latest News from Romania

Vucic speaks with Borisov

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic spoke on the phone with Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov Monday about continuing the cooperation as part of the Serbia-Bulgaria-Romania-Greece Cooperation Council.

Romanian NGOs Fear Pressure as New Bill Passes Senate

A bill submitted by Romania's ruling Social Democrat Party, PSD, requires non-governmental organizations to declare their sources of funding every six months or face dissolution, causing great concern among civic activists and opposition party politicians in Bucharest. 

Eurostat: Almost 50% of Children in Bulgaria Were at Risk of Poverty in 2016

In 2016, almost half of the children in Bulgaria were at risk of poverty or social exclusion, European Union statistics agency Eurostat said in a report published to mark Universal Children's Day on 20th of November.

Bulgaria is followed by Romania, Greece and Hungary.

Four in 10 children in Greece at risk of poverty

Four in 10 children aged up to 17 years old in Greece are at risk of poverty or social exclusion, Europe's statistical agency has found, putting the crisis-hit country at the top of the eurozone child poverty scale.

New Protests in Romania Against Tax Reforms

More than 2,500 people protested last night in some of Romania's big cities against tax changes introduced by the center-left government, as well as against judicial reforms planned by the cabinet, according to Romania Libera newspaper.

Romania's Biggest Christmas Fair Opens in Sibiu

Romania's best-known Christmas fair is set to open on Friday night in the city of Sibiu, Transylvania, with over 90 participants from Romania and abroad, organizers said.

UK Fears Romanian's Killing Could Spark Gang War

Police in London have expressed concern that the recent murder of a Romanian who was an alleged gangster could spark a turf war between rival Balkan trafficking gangs, battling over the market in sex workers and drugs in the British capital.

Eurobank's Q3 profit at 61 million euros

Eurobank's third-quarter net profit came to 61 million compared to 37.3 million in the second quarter as provisions for impaired loans remaining broadly flat, Greece's third-largest lender by assets said on Thursday.

Bulgarian PM: We Will Fulfill Our Commitments

''We will fulfill our commitments. You can see that  we are ahead of Romania again. I am convinced that by the end of 2018 we will have done everything that the EC wants from us to do. I'm optimistic. In Brussels, they are convinced that everything we need to do will be done.''

Migrant-Smuggling Gang Caught in Bulgaria

Bulgarian authorities have smashed a gang suspected of smuggling migrants into Western Europe, prosecutors said in a statement on Wednesday.

Eight people, including two Pakistanis, were charged with smuggling offences after they transported migrants, mainly Pakistanis, Afghans and Iraqis, from Turkey into Romania and then to Hungary and Austria, the statement said.

Romanian Shepherd Creates Quandary for US Missile Shield

Romania's Supreme Court in January is due to deal with an unusual case involving a sheepfold built in 2007 next to the military base in Deveselu, southern Romania, which hosts a US Army anti-missile shield.

Commission Challenges Bulgaria, Romania on Judicial Reform

The European Commission's latest reports on Bulgaria and Romania under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, CVM - which monitors their progress on judicial reform and corruption - contain good and bad news for both countries.

Romania Expels Serb for 'Spying for Russia'

Romania on Tuesday expelled a pro-Russian Serbian nationalist and banned him from entering the NATO member state for 15 years for spying on NATO military bases in southeastern Romania and showing an interest in obtaining classified information on military installations.