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Balkan Saint's Relics Draw Huge Crowds in Romania

Tens of thousands of Orthodox Christian believers are expected to arrive starting on Thursday in the eastern Romanian city of Iasi for the country's largest and most well-known pilgrimage dedicated to St Parascheva, deemed the protector of Moldova and Bukovina.

Many Romanian Orthodox Christians believe that the relics hosted by the cathedral in Iasi have miraculous healing powers.

#DiplomaticCentennial Ion Galea, Romania's Ambassador to Bulgaria: Current bilateral relations, "in-depth partnership"

Romania and Bulgaria, which are not just neighbours but also friends, share a past that "has contributed to an enhanced degree of empathy" between the two countries, a present characterised by "an in-depth deepened partnership" and "a common European future", Romania's Ambassador to Romania Ion Galea told an interview granted to AGERPRES.

Warning shots fired at Macedonia-Greece border

According to local media, one migrant was arrested and turned over to the police, while others returned to the territory of Greece.

The Macedonian Army said in a press release that the incident happened when one of its patrols detected a group of migrants illegally crossing the border near the regional road Gevgelija-Moin.

Local market for refurbished electronics grows by 25pct in 2018

The local market for refurbished electronics will increase this year by more than 25pct, mainly due to the lower purchasing price, in some cases by up to half compared to that of new equipment, but also due to their performance, with configurations close to the latest generation, according to a study released on Wednesday for AGERPRES.

Serbia and Romania as "model neighbors"

According to the Serbian government, the discussed "all issues of importance for bilateral cooperation between the two countries."

The officials concluded that the relations between the two countries are traditionally good and friendly and that they represent a model of good neighborly relations in the region.

Four dead in traffic accident, truck driver arrested

Four people died in the crash that happened near the town of Svilajnac, RTS is reporting.

The driver of the truck reportedly attempted to illegally overtake vehicles in front of him ignoring a continuous line, and ended up colliding with an oncoming passenger car and a pickup truck.

Mihai Sora, at European Parliament: I have always known generous, genius side of Europe will be right

AGERPRES special correspondent to Brussels Oana Ghita reports: The philosopher and essayist Mihai Sora said on Tuesday at the European Parliament, where he officially received the European Citizen's 2018 Award, that he had always known "that the generous and the genius side of Europe will be right."

Mihai Sora's speech, in French, was read by his wife, Luiza.

Former PM Ciolos: Ready to run for Romania's Presidency, not afraid

The founding chairman of Romania Together Movement, Dacian Ciolos, stated on Tuesday, in northeastern Iasi, that he is not afraid to enter the race for Romania's presidency, mentioning he will only run should he considers that he is thus helping the opposition.

#DiplomaticCentennial/ Romania's Ambassador in Ankara, Gabriel Sopanda: Turkey - an ongoing strategic partner to Romania

Turkey has been and stays an important partner to Romania, both on political and economic ground, and this reality is also confirmed by the solid strategic partnership between the two countries, which is built on a close traditional friendship, Romania's ambassador to the Republic of Turkey, Gabriel Sopanda said in an interview with AGERPRES.

Dacic talks about "EU or Kosovo dilemma"

Dacic warned that when it comes to the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and when it is insisted to make solutions that will not affect others, it is forgotten that solutions were made that destroyed the territorial integrity of Serbia.

Athens hosting EU-Arab World Summit

The Greek capital will be hosting the third EU-Arab World Summit on October 29 and 30, which will focus on strengthening regional cooperation and accelerating existing initiatives.

Bulgarian Police Releases Romanian Held in Journalist's Murder Case

Romanian police confirmed on Tuesday night that a Romanian citizen detained for questioning in the case of TV journalist Viktoria Marinova's slaying was released by authorities in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian police had announced earlier on Tuesday that the man arrested on Monday night in Ruse was to be released because his alibi was credible.