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Anniversary of raising of Serbian flag over White House

This is her first visit to that country as Serbia's prime minister.

Brnabic will have several meetings with US officials in New York and Washington, as well as with representatives of international institutions and companies with headquarters in that country, and will meet with representatives of the scientific and business community.

Thaci and Vucic to meet again in early September

A spokeswoman for the EU high representative Maja Kocijancic told this to the Pristina-based media on Saturday, Beta agency has reported.

"At the last meeting mediated by the high representative, on July 18, the two president analyzed the progress made so far, agreeing to meet again early in September," Kocijancic told the wesbite Gazeta Express.

Pacolli writing protest note, angry at Belgrade's decision

According to a press release issued by the Bosniak National Council (BNV), Pacolli "expressed his anger over the threats made by Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic at him and at the BNV."

"This contradicts the Brussels agreement that our two governments signed four years ago, and on this occasion we will write a protest note," Pacolli said.

Athletics: Romania wins Balkan Championships, with 23 medals

Romania won the top spot in the general ranking of the Balkan Athletics Championships held in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria), with 23 medals, 9 of which were gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze.

Greek followed on the second spot, with 8-9-5 (22 medals) and Serbia ranked 3rd, 8-2-2 (12 medals).

The Ministry of Tourism Expects a 5% Increase in Foreign Tourists

We expect this summer to have growth o about 5% compared to last year's visits in June-September and foreign tourists to more than 5.5 million. In the summer of 2017 total foreign tourists reached 5.3 million, and then recorded an increase of 5.7%.

Serbian government committed to resolving refugee issue

The foreign minister and first deputy PM explained at the handover of the keys to 40 apartments for refugees in Sremska Mitrovica that this was the first completed apartment in the subproject 2 of the Regional Housing Program, the Serbian government said on its website.

Vucic to Haradinaj: There will be no war, but...

Vucic spoke after Kosovo PM Haradinaj said that a partition of Kosovo, as far as he was concerned, "meant war."

Nevertheless, as the president pointed out, any delays would have negative consequences on other issues.

"Well done Kolinda - but we don't need brothers"

Vucic said this when asked by reporters to comment on Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarevic's statement about Croatia and Albania being "brothers in arms."

Vucic said it "speaks sufficiently to the difficulty of our position and how much some people don't want us to progress."

Deal to cancel Resolution 1244, but Russia won't let it?

According to him, the agreement should lead to a new UN Security Council resolution that would replace or abolish Resolution 1244, which would allow Kosovo to become a member of the UN. However, British reporter and analyst Tim Judah believes that the text of the agreement does not have to be in conflict with Resolution 1244.

US Ambassador in Pristina Sparks Kosovo Partition Speculations

America's ambassador to Kosovo has sparked concerns that the US might endorse Kosovo's partition after declining to rule it out in an interview.

In the interview given to Kosovo's KTV on Thursday, Greg Delawie avoided giving a straight answer, when asked whether the US excluded partition as a solution to the Serbia-Kosovo dispute.

Serbian president invites Egyptian counterpart to visit

During their meeting in Belgrade on Thursday, Vucic emphasized that Egypt was "a true friend of both Serbia and the Serbian people and stressed that it is necessary to work on intensifying cooperation at all levels, especially on strengthening economic relations," the president's press service said.

Suriname's foreign minister visiting Serbia

According to the Serbian government, they assessed that relations between the two countries are very good and based on mutual benefit, understanding and friendship.

The two officials estimated that relations between the two countries are based on respect for territorial integrity and non-interference in the internal political affairs of another state.

US ambassador changes tune: Now partition can be discussed

This statement contradicts the ones he made earlier, when he described partition as a dangerous option.

Delawie was taking part in in the Pristina-based KTV broadcaster's Rubikon show, and did not mention his country's red lines on a partition of Kosovo that he pronounced in December. He also said that US support for Kosovo's independence is "unshakable, and will continue."