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Bulgaria Among 20 EU Countries to Establish Prosecutor's Office

The Council of EU has been given approval to regulate establishment of European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO), a new prosecution, which will deal with financial crimes. Accordingly, EU member 20 countries will establish a Luxembourg-based EU prosecutor's office until 2020.

Council of Ministers will Discuss the Way of Security of the Airspace of Bulgaria

At the regular meeting of the Council of Ministers will be discussed the way of security of the airspace of Bulgaria, reported BGNES.

The strengthening of the security of the airspace of the Republic of Bulgaria will be discussed by jointly accomplishing tasks of the Bulgarian Air Force with the forces of the Italian Republic and determining the limitations of their joint actions.

World Cup Qualifiers: Greece – Gibraltar 4-0 (FINAL) (Upd.)


Belgium with its victory in Bosnia and Slovenia with a draw with Scotland, made Greece’s job tonight easier. Greece, on her side, won inside Cyprus and now what separates us from the participating in the group of eight teams that will try to get the last four European tickets for the World Cup in Russia, is Gibraltar.

Radiation detected in Greece’s atmosphere!


Small quantities of radioactivity were detected in the atmosphere of our country, as announced by the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC).

According to the Commission, the quantities are considered to be extremely small and were detected between the September 27th and October 5th. In particular, it is the isotope, ruthenium-106 (Ru-106) and its source is unknown.

Finland Offers to Include Bulgarian Industry in Potential AMV Supply Deal

Finland's Patria said on Wednesday it is offering to Bulgaria the options of technology transfer and local production in case the Balkan country chooses to acquire armoured modular vehicles (AMVs) from the company.

The company offers a scheme for industrial participation and local production that will leave more than 50% of the investment in Bulgaria, Patria said in a statement.

Winter sports teams gather in Pokljuka ahead of new season

Association head Enzo Smrekar addressed the athletes, saying that he believed that they trained hard and were entering the season ready. "The season is important because it is an Olympic season and we stand behind you, be confident, show what you are capable of and I believe that results will come this year".

Separatism virus in Europe: Yugoslavia, Crimea, Catalonia, …

The Catalan government has announced 90.9 percent of citizens who voted in Sunday's referendum on independence circled the option "yes."

The referendum, which is not recognized by Madrid, was marked by unrest.

Separatism in Europe traces its roots back to the 1990s. It started in Slovenia in 1991.

Slovenian NLB Bank laundered money for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?

Slovenia's money-laundering office has opened an investigation into claims by opposition parties that the country's biggest state-owned bank, Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB), may have laundered nearly €1bn from Iran between 2008 and 2010, breaking an international embargo and failing to enforce rules on the financing of terrorism.

Balkan States Rank Poorly in Governance Index

Balkan states bump along the bottom of the table in a new Sustainable Governance Index published by Germany's Bertelsmann Stiftung, which takes a close look at how 41 OECD and EU member states are governed.

Hungary's Orban Cheers For Gruevski in Macedonia Election

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Slovenia's former PM Janez Jansa have given a hearty boost to Macedonia's ousted leader Nikola Gruevski in the run-up to Macedonia's local elections.

In the resort town of Ohrid, the three of them held a joint press conference accompanied by some of Gruevski's VMRO DPMNE mayoral candidates.

Dialects make Slovenian the most diverse Slavic language

Officially, there are 37 dialects in Slovenia, but the way that people speak often differs from one village to another. This diversity is well captured in the proverb "Vsaka vas ima svoj glas", meaning "Every village has its own voice".

Sometimes dialects can be so different from one another that it is hard for people from different parts of Slovenia to understand each other.

Koper-Divača Railway: A decade too late, yet still crucial

The reporter who wrote the story would be hard-pressed to find similar scenes in Slovenia at any point in the last couple of decades. Slovenian railways and trains have long ceased to be a point of pride for Slovenians, who use the existing rail infrastructure sparingly, mostly due to poor connections and slow trains.