Serbian Orthodox Church

Voice of America: Bulgarian, Macedonian Orthodox Churches Edge Closer Despite Thorny History

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church has taken a step towards possible eventual recognition of Macedonia's Orthodox Church, a rapprochement that echoes a warming of relations between the governments of the two Balkan neighbors.

Bulgarian Bishops Agree to Lobby for Macedonian Church

Following a meeting on Monday, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church's Patriarchate announced that it has formed a committee to lead talks with other Orthodox churches on the status of Macedonian Orthodox Church, which remains unrecognised as a result of a long-lasting dispute with Serbian Orthodox Church.

Macedonia's Lonely Church Seeks Bulgarian 'Parent'

Macedonia's unrecogised Orthodox Church has startled the Orthodox world - and possibly started a new conflict with the Church in Serbia, by asking the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to assume a form of parental authority over it.

The Bulgarian Church told BIRN on Monday that it will probably discuss the unusual request from the Macedonian Orthodox Church at a meeting set for November 27.