Serbian Orthodox Church

"Former President Nikolic canceled pope's visit to Serbia"

The foreign minister and first deputy PM also said that the role of the Vatican is invaluable as Serbia fights for Kosovo and Metohija. Dacic added that he understands the opposiiton of the Serbian Orthodox Church to the visit, but that the pope is not only a religious leader, but also a statesman.

"Somebody wants to pull Serbia into vortex of instability"

"Serbia's progress doesn't suit some people, so they are trying to pull it into a vortex of instability," Simic said.

For that reason, the Serb List - which represents Serbs in the Kosovo Assembly - "urges international representatives to step up preventive action and presence in Serb areas and prevent attacks," he said.

NATO Anniversary Highlights Divisions in Montenegro

As the Montenegrin government marks the first anniversary of NATO membership with a celebration in the royal capital Cetinje on Tuesday, for the large community of ethnic Serbs in the country, joining the alliance is still seen as an illegal decision that was imposed on them without a vote.

Church shouldn't be making key political decisions - Vucic

Vucic also rejected the assessment that the state behaves as if the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) was "guilty for the issue of Kosovo and Metohija."

"The Church should not make key political decisions, and it certainly has the right to express its opinion," the president said when asked to comment on daily Blic reporting that "the state blames only the Church for Kosovo."