Emmanuel Macron

World Leaders Gather to Breathe New Life into Paris Accord

AFP - World leaders gathered in New York on Wednesday to try to breathe new life into the Paris global climate accord, amid backsliding from several nations over commitments made in the historic deal.

The "One Planet Summit," launched last year by French President Emmanuel Macron, aims to accelerate the implementation of the 2015 pact.

Macron urges FYROM citizens to back name change deal in Sept. 30 referendum

French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday urged the citizens of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to support a name change deal with Greece in the September 30 referendum.

"I strongly support it and firmly believe this agreement is good for you, for the region and Europe," Macron was quoted as saying in a recorded video message.

France's Le Pen Ordered to Undergo Psychiatric Tests over IS Tweets

AFP - French far-right leader Marine Le Pen expressed outrage Thursday after being ordered to undergo psychiatric tests for tweeting pictures of atrocities committed by the Islamic State group.

Le Pen shared the gruesome images in December 2015, a few weeks after IS jihadists killed 130 people in attacks in Paris, sparking widespread condemnation in France.

French Embassy opens to visitors throughout weekend; Ambassador Ramis says Romania is special country

France's Embassy headquarters are open to the public throughout the weekend, and those who signed up for touring this building dating back since the late 19th century will see a fragment of what the "art de vive a la francaise" (the art of living like the French) means, but also the manner in which the French elegance and attention to detail can influence the discussions between country