Sofia Police Search for a 7-year-old Girl and her Father

Police search for 7-year-old Maria Hristova Sedmakova and her 39-year-old Hristo Hristov Sedmakov, the press center of the Interior Ministry announced.

According to the mother, she saw them on July 27 in the Social Assistance Directorate - Slatina, both of them carrying identification papers.

The little girl is about 130 cm high, with dark brown eyes and long brown hair.

Ticking bombs

At some point in the their tenure, all Greek prime ministers have to prove that they have the skills of a political bomb-disposal expert. They are handed a ticking bomb or two and are expect to neutralize it. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they are injured by the shrapnel and sometimes they manage to save themselves but not the people.

Chief Architect of Sofia: We will Make sure for Quality Final Result of the Repairs in the Center of Sofia

The refurbished area on Graf Ignatiev Str. And the garden at the church "St. Sedmochislenitsi" have not yet been completed. We will make sure that the final product is done in the way we paid for and want. Designer, supervisor, builder, we are going to go all the way, chief architect, Zdravko Zdravkov said today to NOVA TV.

Udrea's lawyer says she'll be brought before court, but extradition won't be handed out

Elena Udrea's lawyer Veronel Radulescu stated on Thursday morning that the former Transport Minister will be brought before court after being detained by the Interpol, but, from his point of view, she will not be extradited because her daughter has Costa Rican citizenship and she cannot be separated from her mother.

This is the Balkans

The outcome of the referendum in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on the country's name demonstrates that the broader region of which Greece is part is also caught up in an unusual and certainly anti-systemic mood.