Government of Serbia

PM wants ministers with "personal agendas" removed from govt

Brnabic said on Tuesday that this reconstruction of her cabinet was necessary in order "not endanger its efficient functioning."

That is why, she said, she asked Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to meet as soon as possible after his return from Brussels to consult with him on "personnel solutions."

"It's president who should decide on government reshuffle"

According to Vulin, "until then, ministers should do their job."

"This should be decided by Aleksandar Vucic as the president whom Serbia trusts and for whom it votes, but also as a man who formulated the policy that gathered us in the government and made Serbia an independent and prosperous country," Vulin told the Monday's edition of the tabloid Alo.

Pristina official complains about Dacic "tripping him up"

According to Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti, Pacolli said that Serbian foreign minister was "always tripping him up."

"People from Kosovo are young, and cannot travel freely. Serbia makes problems every day. I travel and fight to get recognitions of Kosovo - and Ivica brings them down," Pacolli reportedly told his colleagues as Dacic left the room during a working lunch.

Dacic: If they do not form ZSO we will rip apart the Brussels Agreement

Whether the Serbian Municipalities Community (ZSO) will be formed in due time or will wait for the signing of a legally binding agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, is a dilemma opened by Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, saying that he heard a new option - that the ZSO will be just part of the package of the agreement, which he called a "superb insolence".

Vucic: Serbia Ready For Compromise Over Kosovo

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on March 14 that Serbia is ready for a compromise over dispute with Kosovo, which is key to Serbia's bid to join the European Union.

The EU insists that the normalization of ties between Belgrade and Pristina is a key condition they both must meet in order to join the bloc.