Ivica Dačić

Serbians can now travel to UAE without visas

Serbia is committed to raising relations with that country to the level of strategic partnership, Dacic also said, according to the Serbian government.

At the reception at the Serbian embassy in Abu Dhabi, Dacic said that the UAE recognized Serbia as an important partner in the Balkans, as evidenced by the number of successful Emirate companies operating in our country.

"Brothers and sisters Croats, let's do it this way..."

Dacic on Wednesday also called on what he referred to as "brothers and sisters Croats" to all focus "a little bit on the future."

Dacic said this as a response to Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic stating that "Serbia's EU path leads through Croatia," and that there are "many issues have piled up that must be resolved in order for Serbia to join the EU."

Serbia will recognize Kosovo when pigs fly - FM

Dacic also stressed that Pristina authorities are sending "very different messages that have nothing to do with reality" on a daily basis.

Compromise should be sought on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, he continued, and described Hashim Thaci' statement regarding a merger of (Kosovo) with Presevo by saying that Thaci "must say something, because he is under attack from all sides."

Russia's position not contrary to what we're doing - FM

"Their position is like ours, which is to preserve the territorial integrity of Serbia and not recognize the unilateral acts of Pristina. It is not contrary to what we are doing," Dacic said, commenting on a statement made earlier by Ambassador Aleksandr Chepurin, who said that Kosovo and Metohija should return to the legal and the state system of Serbia.

"Thaci's trip to Presevo - that's fake news"

"It was fake news was published to draw attention away from the successful visit of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to Kosovo and Metohija," Dacic told TV Pink.

He added that this piece of news was immediately found to be fake "because Thaci was supposedly to come to Presevo with EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, but that was denied from the cabinet of Commissioner Hahn."