Palaio Faliro

Officials say Athens coast clean-up nearly finished

Greek authorities say they have finished cleaning up a section of Athens coastline polluted by a large oil slick more than a month ago, and the full cleanup operation should be finished within days.

Merchant Marine Minister Panagiotis Kouroumblis on Tuesday declared the Paleo Faliro area oil-free.

Saronic Gulf oil spill largely contained, says ministry

In a statement on Wednesday, the Shipping Ministry said that the marine pollution caused by an oil spill from a tanker that sank off the coast of Salamina last month has been largely contained.

According to the statement, issued after a session of the coordinating committee appointed to oversee the cleanup, there is no more "surface pollution" in the area of Salamina.

Shocking photo shows woman covered in oil in Paleo Faliro (photo)

A photo uploaded by Max Gyselinck on his Facebook page, has revealed the extent of the environmental disaster in the Saronic Gulf and the Athens Riviera from last week’s oil spill in the port of island of Salamina when a tanker called Agia Zoni 2 sunk. The photo was shot in the sea of Paleo Faliro on September 20 during cleaning operations by the Marine Ministry.

Legendary battleship returns after conservation work

Tugs tow the 107-year-old battleship Georgios Averof to Trocadero marina in Palaio Faliro in southern Athens, Wednesday. The 10,000-ton former Hellenic Navy flagship returned to its berth, where it serves as a floating museum, after months of privately funded maintenance and conservation work at the Skaramangas shipyard.

The Hellenic Navy maintains a reconstruction of an ancient Athenian trireme, the HS Olympias (PHOTOS)

The HS Olympias is an astonishing reconstruction of a trireme, an ancient type of galley commonly used by the maritime civilisations of the Mediterranean.

This reconstructed trireme, built in 1987 by a shipbuilder in Piraeus, is one of a kind. It is a commissioned ship in the Hellenic Navy of Greece, the only commissioned vessel of its kind in the world.

Justice Ministry vows tougher prison release terms amid public outcry

The outcry following an armed robbery attempt by four released convicts on the home of an elderly woman in Athens's southern suburbs earlier this week has prompted the Justice Ministry to re-examine a law introduced by the previous minister aimed at decongesting Greek prisons.

Shipowner Alexandros Goulandris wants to revive the Hellenic Navy’s legendary armored cruiser “Averof”! (PHOTOS)

These is probably no other Navy ship that has been a part of the her country’s history for almost half a century, being present in the majority of the legendary 20th century naval battles the nation she served fought. The legendary Hellenic Navy armored cruiser “George Averof” has that privilege and the place in history she has earned.