Conference on drafting civil sector development strategy

BELGRADE - The civil society in Serbia has to claim the role which societies have in well-developed democracies - the role of government work supervisor and instigator of democratic processes, participants concluded at the Thursday conference on the strategy for sustainable development of the civil sector.

The two-day conference was organised by the Serbian government Office for Cooperation with Civil Society with the support of the EU.

Opening the gathering, Serbian Minister of Justice and Public Administration Nikola Selakovic said that the preparation of the strategy offers an ideal opportunity to tackle the problems in cooperation between the civil sector and the government which existed in the past.

He underscored that the principle of total transparency in the work of the civil society needs to be set down which also entails transparency of funding.

This will make it possible for civil society organisations to act in the interest of citizens, independently of political interests, Selakovic said.

He recalled that the civil sector was invited to join the efforts in the preparation of the bilateral screening on Chapter 23 in the talks with the EU on the judiciary and basic rights, adding that the civil society is an active and valuable participant in the fight against corruption.

Serbia's chief negotiator in the EU accession talks Tanja Miscevic underscored that the civil society has major responsibilities in the country's European integration process.

According to her, the strategy should provide clear functions to the civil society as the supervisor capable of affecting the government's work and preserving and initiating reforms.

Director of the Serbian government Office for...

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