Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum exibits in Belgrade

BELGRADE - The exhibition of photographs from the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum opened in Belgrade's National Museum late on Wednesday in honour of the Greek presidency in the Council of Ministers of the EU.

The exhibition is entitled 'Gold Wreaths and Diadems from Macedonia' and it presents golden wreaths kept in the museum's collections as one of the biggest wreath collection in the world.

Opening the exhibition, Greek Ambassador to Serbia Konstantinos Ikonomidis said that it is an honour that the exhibition opened on Wednesday to mark the beginning of Greek presidency over the Council of Ministers of the EU and the initiation of Serbia's EU accession talks as well.

Director of the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum Polixeni Adam-Veleni held the lecture titled 'Ancient Macedonia - the Golden Kindgom'.

Golden wreaths and diadems featured at the exhibition present the latest findings from the digs in Macedonia conducted over the past few decades.

In ancient Greece, first golden wreaths and diadems appeared in late 5th and early 4th centuries BC and were in wide use by the second half of 4th century BC. The wreaths were modelled after plants such as oak, laurel, ivy, myrtle and olive.

The exhibition will be open by the end of April.

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