Archive of Serbia offers assistance to BiH Archive

BELGRADE - The Archive of Serbia expressed commiseration over the damage suffered by the Archive of Bosnia-Herzegovina, which was set ablaze during the protests in Sarajevo, and offered expert assistance in the salvage and restoration of the damaged archive documents.

Director of the Archive of Serbia Miroslav Perisic said that the damage done to the BiH Archive is beyond measure, pointing that culture and arts have lost a part of significant sources for the study of the past.

He stressed that the numerous and momentous historical documents safeguarded in the Archive of BiH have an immense value and significance for the history of people living in Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as across the Balkans and Europe.

"Both in a personal, human sense, and as a colleague, I understand the loss and sadness felt by the archive professionals in Sarajevo. As a historian who on several occasions had the pleasure of researching the BiH Archive I am well familiar with the professionalism, expertise and kindness of my colleagues who work there," said Perisic.

Stressing that “archive buildings in every country should enjoy special protection, considering the value of all things safeguarded there”, he called upon his colleagues from state archives in the territory of former Yugoslavia to join forces and employ their efforts, skills and solidarity to protect the treasure entrusted to them.

A part of the BiH Archive, located at the BiH Presidency building in downtown Sarajevo, was set on fire by protectors on February 7, and as the director of the institution Andrej Rodinis told Fena news agency, the most significant and valuable archive documents are feared lost.

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