Dikovic, Bozic: Cooperation to bring regional stability

BELGRADE - The Serbian and Slovenian armed forces are oriented towards enhancing cooperation, and contribute to strengthening of regional stability, the chiefs of staff of the two armed forces, Gen. Ljubisa Dikovic and Gen. Dobran Bozic, said in Belgrade on Wednesday.

After discussions in the building of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, the generals said that operationalising the cooperation agreed last December was the fundamental topic of the meeting.

Dikovic said that joining of capacities of the two military forces, military-economic and medical cooperation, as well as education and training were discussed at the meeting, while Bozic said that he expects concrete results to be achieved in those areas by the time the two military chiefs meet again.

The Serbian Armed Forces are essentially oriented towards comprehensive development of military ties in the region, which is also a foreign policy priority for Serbia, Dikovic also said.

He pointed out that the Serbian Armed Forces are ready to strengthen security in Serbia and the region as part of regional military initiatives and to contribute to stability in Southeastern Europe.

The good ties between the two military forces are a form of military diplomacy, which also contributes to the good relations between the two countries, Bozic said.

He agreed with Dikovic that the good military ties need to be enhanced to ensure stability in the region and beyond.

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