PDA decides to go to elections

BUJANOVAC - The Party for Democratic Action (PDA), which gathers ethnic Albanians from southern Serbia, has decided to take part in the early parliamentary elections scheduled for March 16.

Chair of the PDA Bujanovac municipal committee Saip Kamberi confirmed for Tanjug that PDA wishes to test its strength in the elections and hopes to win at least one MP seat.

Several days ago, ethnic Albanian political parties from southern Serbia decided to boycott the early elections, all except the PDA.

Kamberi recalled at that time that the principled stand of the PDA, headed by Riza Haljimi since 2007, is that Albanians from the Presevo Valley should try and win their rights through the institutions of the system.

There are seven ethnic Albanian political parties in the territory of Medvedja, Presevo and Bujanovac.

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