Renowned sculptor Olga Jevric passes away

BELGRADE - Olga Jevric, Serbia's renowned sculptor and academician, passed away at the age of 92, her family has said.

Jevric died on Monday.

The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) stated on Tuesday that Olga Jevric will be remembered for her great contribution to the development of art in Serbia and the region, adding that the Olga Jevric Legacy at SANU will serve as a lasting reminder about her remarkably fruitful and dynamic working life.

Her spatial composition exhibition in the ULUS Gallery echoed strongly in the Yugoslav fine arts world in 1957, and a year later at the 29th Venice Biennale she was lauded by foreign critics.

In early fifties at the time of domination of figurative art, Jevric broke up with the story and symbolism in sculpture and turned to the means of abstract art, severing all ties with socialist realism which was dominant at the time. In the beginning, she worked with figurative sculpture, but later she focused on the problem of form, space, material and mass.

She paid study visits to the Czechslovakia, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Poland, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Britain and Holland, and in 1966 she spend one year in the U.S.

In 2001, the SANU Gallery hosted a retrospective exhibition of Jevric's works which marked five decades of her creative work.

Olga Jevric is the winner of many awards and recognitions.

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