Cyprus will not change stance on Kosovo status


Cyprus will not change stance on Kosovo status

BELGRADE -- Cypriot FM Ioannis Kasoulides said on Monday that Serbia's membership of the EU is of vital importance for the stability and prosperity in the Western Balkans.

After meeting with Serbian Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkić, Kasoulides said that Cyprus maintains the position not to recognize Kosovo.

“Our position on Kosovo’s status has not changed and will not change in the foreseeable future,” Kasoulides told a joint news conference.

He stressed that the reaching of the Brussels agreement on normalization of relations between Belgrade and Priština was a brave and well thought-out decision and offered Cypriot assistance in efforts of both sides to find a mutually beneficial solution to the Kosovo problem.

Serbia and Cyprus have very close and friendly relations and they are connected through joint historical and cultural roots, the two foreign ministers said.

“Historically, Cyprus has always been there for Serbia, in all the most difficult times for us,” Mrkić said, adding that he is confident that Nicosia will continue supporting Serbia on its way to EU membership.

Pointing out that Cyprus has had a specific history of accession negotiations with the EU, Mrkić said that Serbia, which also has “its own specificalities,” will find Cyprus’ experience to be invaluable.

Asked by reporters whether it is possible for Serbia to enter the EU in 2020, Kasoulides answered in the affirmative, adding that a decision about will be made based on Serbia’s own merit and results.

When it comes to negotiations between the two communities in Cyprus, Mrkić said that Serbia’s position on that is based on...

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