Dacic: Projects demand regional stability

LONDON - Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic participated in a high-level regional forum organized in London on Monday by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and presented Serbia's results in the creation of favorable business and investment environment, emphasizing that no project can be implemented without stability of the region.

Nobody will invest under conditions of instability, Dacic stressed.

Pointing to the significance of cooperation between neighbors, Dacic underlined that countries in the region should define their relations and protect their common interests.

At a press conference following the plenary session, Dacic replied to a question referring to cheap labor as a comparative advantage of Serbia, by pointing to the highly skilled workforce as another important advantage of the country and the entire region.

Serbia provides incentives for development and expects investments that will create new jobs, he said.

Our aim is to initiate investments that will drive development, especially in the IT industry, and to develop science incubators and centers in order to generate investments that will remain in the country, noted Dacic.

The forum organized by EBRD in London, dedicated to establishing stronger economic ties and presenting investment opportunities in the West Balkans, brought together seven prime ministers from the region, representatives of the EU and international financial institutions, as well as potential investors.

The participants of the mini economic summit underlined that stability and cooperation are the key conditions for economic growth and presentation of the West Balkans as an investment destination.

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