ICJ embargoes reporting on witness testimonies

(FoNet, file)

ICJ embargoes reporting on witness testimonies

THE HAGUE -- The International Court of Justice has prohibited public disclosure of witness testimonies in public hearings in the Croatian and Serbian genocide lawsuits.

This embargo concerns both members of the public and reporters attending the proceedings and will be in place until the end of the oral proceedings on April 1.

The Hague-based court announced that the examination of witnesses and witness-experts at public hearings is scheduled for March 4 and 5, and that the restrictions have been put in place "for the purpose of guaranteeing the sound administration of justice and taking of evidence, and in order to enable the witnesses to give evidence independently."

Journalist will therefore attend the hearings, but will not be able to report about witness testimonies until April 1.

On Monday, Croatia's foreign minister was on a visit to Belgrade when it was announced that the two countries definitely failed to reach an agreement to drop the lawsuits.

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