Ivanovic: Serbia's salvation lies in Eurasian Union

ZRENJANIN - Serbian Radical Party (SRS) holds that the EU integration process has impoverished the people of Serbia and calls for a closer cooperation with Russia and the Eurasian Union.

The SRS candidate in upcoming parliamentary elections Ivan Ivanovic stressed that Serbia has been led down the European path of doom, first by the Democratic Party and then by the Serbian Progressive Party, but that SRS can put an end to it in the March 16 elections.

“It is the path that has led the people of Serbia to misery and poverty”, said Ivanovic at a pre-election rally in Zrenjanin (northern Serbia), SRS released.

"The only alternative to that path is cooperation with the Russian Federation and membership in the Eurasian Union, which is the basic program principle of SRS,” the release quotes Ivanovic as saying.

Photo Tanjug/N. Jovanovic (archive, illustration)

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