In Serbia every 5th individual jobless

In Serbia every 5th individual jobless

In the first month of 2014 even 42,771 jobless people have registered them with the National Employment Service. That is almost 2,000 people more than in December last year.

In recent year that was a record high number of people that searched for a job in just a month time. Last year the monthly average number of people that looked for a job was 38,000.


The unemployment rate in Serbia is 20.1 percent. This means that every 5th citizen capable to work is jobless.


The situation is better in Montenegro (unemployment rate 19.3 percent), but also in Croatia, Albania and Slovenia. Only Bosnia/Herzegovina and Macedonia have higher unemployment rate (28 percent) than Serbia.


- The long-term unemployment is dominating. It participates with 66.5 percent in the total number of jobless people – the Serbian Chamber of Commerce says.

According to the data by the National Employment Service the average time of waiting for a job is three years and nine months.


- A significant growth of employment cannot be seen in the fiscal strategy of the Serbian Government for the following ten years either. The Government has planned a three percent growth but only at the end of the mentioned period – Vladimir Gligorov, associate of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies says for the Blic.

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