A Wax Statue of Alexander the Great To Be Displayed in Skopje

The statue of Alexander the Great in Skopje. Photo by: photopis.com

The new archaeological museum of Skopje will display wax figures of Alexander the Great, his father Philip II, his mother Olympia, and other alleged Macedonians.

Among them will also be the Greek philosopher Aristotle, the Byzantine emperor Justinian, the Balkan folk hero Krali Marko and the Bulgarian king Samuil. 

According to the Macedonian media all 15 figures are in life size and are made in Russia. 
Besides them, the museum, which is due to open by the end of this year, will display a replica of the sarcophagus of the “global Macedonian conqueror Alexander the Great”, as well as “thousands of unique archaeological artifacts, dating 3000 years”.

According to the museum director Vesela Chestoeva, quoted by Macedonian media, the wax figures are part of a section, which will present the Antiquity and Middle Ages of the Macedonian state.

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