Bulgaria's Government Invites Russian Regions to Build Resorts

File photo.

Bulgaria's Government can provide each of Russia's regions with land and construction permits to build resorts for their own use, said deputy economy minister Branimir Botev.

Botev, who's responsible for the tourism development, attended a tourist exhibition in Moscow. He gave as an example the  investment of the municipality of Moscow, which invested USD 220 M in the “Kamchia” resort in the Kamchia reserve, which is for the exclusive use of Russians. 

According to Botev, in 2013 the number of Russian tourists in Bulgaria increased by 4.1%, compared to 2012. In January 2014 their number rose by 15%, which Botev attributed to the “good branding”. 

The official statistics shows that in 2013 Bulgaria was visited by more than 7 million tourists, of which 10% were Russians.

During his visit in Moscow, Botev also said Bulgaria will open new consular offices – in Ekaterininburg, Novosibirsk and two others, whose locations are still to be decided.

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