Dačić "ready for talks with SNS"


Dačić "ready for talks with SNS"

BELGRADE -- SPS leader Ivica Dačić stated that the coalition led by his party "achieved very important results in the early parliamentary elections."

He added he was "willing to conduct talks on the constitution of the future government in case the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) as the winner in the elections proposes such an initiative."

Dačić said that he personally congratulated SNS leader Aleksandar Vučić on the victory and stated that the Sunday elections were "a major success of SNS and a complete debacle of opposition parties whose main political programme boiled down to attack and slander of other parties."

Our coalition achieved a very important result in the historical sense and it fortifies out position, Dačić said.

The citizens obviously believed that Serbia followed a good path until now and they thought well of the work carried out by the government.

The new government is expected to continue with the reforms it conducted until now and not call into question the country's European path, the leader of the Socialists (SPS) said.

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