Fajon: Constitute government as soon as possible

BRUSSELS - MP of the European Parliament (EP) Tanja Fajon stated on Monday that Serbia should constitute the government as soon as possible after the early parliamentary elections to prevent slowdown of the European integration process.

On her Twitter account, Fajon expressed the hope that the winners would constitute the government as soon as possible.

Serbia's EU path must not be allowed to slow down, she said.

According to CeSID estimates, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is the winner of the Sunday parliamentary elections as it won 48.2 percent of votes and 156 MP seats, while the coalition of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (PUPS) and United Serbia (JS) came out second as it won 13.6 percent of votes and claimed 44 MP mandates.

The Democratic Party (DS) won 6.3 percent of votes in the parliamentary elections and the New Democratic Party (NDS) won 5.7 percent of votes, CeSID said.

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