Nis Art Foundation: Talent the most precious value

Nis Art Foundation: Talent the most precious value

Stances and thoughts by young artists of fine art express in the best possible way how great importance of the Nis Art Foundation (NAF) is, the reputable actress Neda Arneric says.

- Thanks to the NAF, i.e. to Radovan Lale Djuric who initiated founding of the NAF and the Philip Morris International Company which supported the initiative, the Contemporary Art Gallery in Nis has been renewed in the premises of the Tobacco Industry. And this is not all. It is my great pleasure to cooperate with the Faoundation and work as a memeber of the jury. Above all it is a joy for me to listen to these young people and hear how much this Foundation means to them - Neda Arneric says.


The NAF has been existing for eight years. At the national competitions for young artists it has awarded 25 of them with prizes from 1,500 and 3,000 Euros for the first, second and third place. The foundation has also organized a series of exhibition of young artists in Nis, Belgrade and Novi Sad with participation of over 400 artists up to 35 years of age.

It can be heard both officially and unofficially that the NAF is actually a unique mission in brining to life the idea of its creator Radovan Lale Djuric that talent is the most precious value and the youth immediately after it. So a support to them is a task, a joy and a mission.

Comments and statements by the NAF competition participants and those who follow the work of the foundation in one or another way indicate that the NAF is offering the young artists not only a hope but a possibility to compete and be awarded as well, and also encouragement that in Serbia one can live...

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