Twelve years since death of Danilo Bata Stojkovic

Twelve years since death of Danilo Bata Stojkovic

Why theatre? Well, spirituality is something that every human being needs, every human being, let alone a honorable human being – Danilo Stojkovic said in one oh his interviews.

'What to play, what to say that shall be forever? (...) I do not like the word 'new'. There is only something that is fresh and something that is not fresh, he said in his interview with Feliks Pasic published in his monography on the occasion of the 'Dobricin Prsten' Award. The list of masterly played roles by Danilo Bata Stojkovic is long: Luka Laban, Bubuleja, Ilija Cvorovic, Simeon Njego, Laki Topalovic... in plays „The Professional'. 'Claustrophobic Comedy', 'The Graduates' and in films 'Balkan Spy', 'A Beach Keeper in Winter Season', 'A Special Treatment', 'Who's Singing There', 'The Marathon Family', 'Bubasinter', 'The Powder Barrel'...


He was already seriously ill when he played 'A Professional' for the last time at the Zvezdara Theatre at the asking of the young actors from Slovenia. After the play he said to have felt for a moment as if he had been no ill any more.

He was born in Belgrade on August 11, 1934. He became devoted to acting as early as a secondary year student.

'I was 13 when I became sure that I would be an actor', Feliks Pasic wrote in the 'Diary on Bata Stojkovic'. 'My brother Zika was reading poetry so nicely so that he caused my tears when I was a child. Another man who made an influence on me was Bogoljub Arsic, a doctor and a scientist almost adopted by my father. He read national poetry and poetry of Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj so nicley. Stojkovic was admitted to to Academy by Tomislav Tanhofer and graduated in the...

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