Libya's Official Abducted Amid Increasing Turmoil

Libyans stand next to a damaged car at the site of a bomb explosion, outside a Libyan army base in the eastern city of Benghazi, Libya, 17 March 2014. EPA/MOHAMED ALTHEEB

Former Libyan Interior Ministry Undersecretary, Al-Bahlul Al-Said, has been kidnapped in Tripoli, a security official revealed on Wednesday.

Al-Said was taken from his car by gunmen driving in two vehicles while traveling in the Tajoura district of the Libyan capital. His location and captures remain unknown.

The Libyan government has called on the UN and international community to help fight what it called a war on terrorism, Aljazeera reports.

The appeal followed bombings and assassinations wave in Benghazi and clashes between pro-government forces and a rebel militia controlling major oil ports in Sirte in central Libya.

"Libya's interim government asks the international community and especially the United Nations to provide assistance to uproot terrorism," the government said in a statement on Wednesday.

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