Year of European film in Nis

NIS - The festival entitled “The Days of the European Film”, which will showcase films made in 32 member states of the Council of Europe, is taking place in Nis, southern Serbia, and for this city the entire year will be marked by the European film.

The festival will show movies from Germany, Hungary, Denmark, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia, Portugal and other countries.

“A great project is ahead of us, which will be organized in 32 film cycles originating from the EU and the Council of Europe member states. There will be 16 shows on these cinemas, and we will have a number of debates and discussions which will deal with the countries' cultures,” said Dejan Dabic, one of the festival selectors.

The year of the European film started with cooperation with the French Institute in Nis, when a showcase of the French cinema was presented as part of the Days of France event. These were the movies which were awarded by the Canes Film Festival and the French Film Academy Cesar. By the end of March, a showcase of the Turkish cinema will be presented.

Aside for 32 cycles of the European cinemas, the Festival of the European Film in May, which has been held in Nis for five years in a row, will be organized as well. The main criterion for this festival is the artistic one, Dabic said.

The organizers say that the festival will be an opportunity for the citizens of Nis to get better acquainted with the EU countries through this event.

The organizers of the festival are the Nis French Institute, the Media Reform Center Nis and the Nis Cultural Center.

Photo Tanjug, F. Kraincanic (illustration)

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