Bulgarians To Spend Their Vacation in Bulgaria

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Nearly 70% of Bulgarians will spend this year's summer holidays in Bulgaria, shows an Eurobarometer survey. 

They prefer brief holidays at a short distance. According to the results, Bulgarians have the shortest holidays among the residents of EU member states, plus Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Serbia, Montenegro and Israel. This can be explained with the low incomes.

In 2013 only 37% of the Bulgarian respondents said they went on vacation, during which spent between four and 13 nights in a hotel or other tourist accommodation. Nineteen percent of Bulgarians said they didn't travel at all.  

Seventy-three percent of the respondents said they will go on vacation in Bulgaria, rather than travelling abroad. In 2013 80% of Bulgarians said that the main factor when planning a holiday was price, which is by 17% higher than in 2012.

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