Destruction of bilingual signs continues in Vukovar

VUKOVAR - A bilingual sign has been stolen from the wall of the building of the Municipal Court in Vukovar, while another 9 signs on other government institutions have been damaged, the local police have stated.

Unidentified individuals damaged the signs placed on the national health insurance institution, county prosecutor's office and court, misdemeanor court and state geodesic administration.

The signs, which were written in Latin and Cyrillic scripts, that were placed on the office of the national administration and Defence Ministry were also damaged, the Croatian news agency Hina has reported.

The destruction of Cyrillic signs started in Croatia last year, after the decision to place them on buildings.

The right-wing organization Headquarters for the Defence of the Croatian Vukovar initiated at the time protests against the Cyrillic script, during which the destruction of the signs began.

The organization also collectedsignatures for a referendum that would allow the use of the Cyrillic only in areas where the Serbs make up more than 50 percent of the population.

The Croatian parliament has not given an opinion on that initiative, but the state authorities think that constitutional changes should prevent a referendum that would reduce or revoke minority rights, according to European principles.

Photo Tanjug, T. Valic (illustration)

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