EC Considers Introduction of 'Traffic Light' Food Labels

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The European Commission has suggested the introduction of a uniform food labeling scheme, based on a three color classification.

The so-called 'traffic light' food labels classify food as red, amber or green according to the fat, salt and sugar content. Depending on the colors, consumers will be able to tell the quality of the product they buy, Bulgarian Trud Daily informs.

The proposal was prompted by an alarming report of the World Health Organization (WHO), which recommended cutting the sugar content in processed products by half.

Although the 'traffic light' labels have been adopted in EU member states such as Britain, food producers from Mediterranean countries have objected to the labeling system, with many southern European traditional foods, including cheese, ham and olive oil, attracting a "red light" because of their high fat content.

Bulgarian Food Safety Agency is still undecided on the 'traffic light' food labeling, Trud Daily reports.

Agricultural Minister Dimitar Grekov is skeptical due to an eventual food price hike.

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