Šarić's trial postponed until mid-May

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Šarić's trial postponed until mid-May

BELGRADE -- The trial to Darko Šarić and 17 other suspects for laundering EUR 22 million in Serbia was postponed on Tuesday until mid-May.

Siniša Petrović, president of the Trial Chamber, stated that at the moment the only thing necessary and right to be done is to halt the proceeding and postpone the main hearing. The trial is postponed for May 14, 15 and 16.

The hearing in the proceeding against Šarić charging him with money laundering is postponed since this trial is much more complicated than the one charging him with drug trafficking as it requires more documentation, he said.

Šarić pleaded not guilty on all counts of the two indictments.

In his first appearance before the court, Šarić announced that he would present data on Tuesday about his associates and, as he claimed, the ways in which cocaine trafficking and money laundering procedures were rigged.

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