Hungary Holds Parliamentary Elections

The Fidesz party of incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orban is expected to win 45-50% of the vote. Photo by EPA/BGNES

Hungary is holding parliamentary elections on Sunday, with incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his Fidesz party projected to win.

Fidesz is expected to win between 45 and 50% of the vote, according to polls published by the BBC News.

The centre-left coalition, consisting of five left-wing and centrist groups led by Attila Mesterhazy and his Socialist Party, is expected to be supported by 21-30% of the voters, while far-right party Jobbik is to take up to 20% of the vote.

The Jobbik party has seen a surge in support, causing some polling agencies to suggest that the race for second place is neck and neck.

Polling stations in Hungary opened at 6 am local time and are due to close at 7 pm, with exit polls expected soon afterwards.

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