Similar election outcome in Vojvodina and Hungary

SUBOTICA - Leader of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM) Istvan Pasztor stated that in the elections in Hungary, citizens holding dual citizenship from Vojvodina voted similarly as the citizens of Hungary.

A total of 16,000 citizens used their right to vote in the Hungarian parliamentary elections on grounds of dual citizenship who cast their ballots in the Subotica Consulate General of Hungary and at least as many Hungarian citizens with dual citizenship without permanent residence in Hungary mailed their votes by post, Pasztor said in an interview for the Budapest-based Television M1 as reported by the Hungarian-language portal Vojvodina Danas.

On the basis of information available to him, Pasztor said that 90 percent of citizens with dual membership from Vojvodina voted for Fidesz party headed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Analysing the background of the strong cooperation with Orban's party, Pasztor said that the most important reasons why Fidesz has had the SVM support over the past few years include, among others, serious work and strategic partnership as well as fulfilment of promises.

The Sunday elections were the first opportunity to use the right to vote for citizens holding dual citizenship who obtained their Hungarian citizenship according to the simplified procedure on grounds of the Dual Citizenship Law as one of the first laws adopted during the mandate of Prime Minister Orban.

”Many Vojvodina Hungarians used their right on grounds of dual citizenship and cast their ballots in the Hungarian parliamentary elections, which was a historic moment and opportunity,” Pasztor said.

According to unofficial information, the Fidesz party headed by Viktor Orban scored a...

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