Bosnia Court Frees Two Alleged Arsonists

Salem Hatibovic and Nihad Trnka were released on April 4 after a court bowed to the demand of the prosecutor to set them free.

The two men were suspected of terrorism offences after they allegedly participated in the arson attack on the Bosnian Presidency building in Sarajevo on February 7.

The Court released the two but has limited their movements and has ordered them not to meet one another at liberty.

The protests in Bosnia started in the northern town of Tuzla on February 5, when several hundred redundant workers from several large companies from the region, which had been privatized and shut down, took to the streets.

Protests then spread and turned violent, resulting in buildings being burned in Tuzla, Zenica, Mostar and Sarajevo, including the Bosnian Presidency, where the state archives are also stored. Four prime ministers of cantons in Bosnia's Federation entity subsequently resigned.

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