Dutch forensic experts soon to reply on Vujasinovic case

BELGRADE - The Netherlands Forensic Institute is expected to provide its reply concerning the case of journalist Dada Vujasinovic once an official of the Serbian Prosecutor's Office visits the Netherlands in early May, the daily newspaper Danas has reported.

In the meantime, the institute requested additional data before deciding if its experts can conduct an investigation and provide their own results.

Vujasinovic, a journalist of the former magazine Duga, was found dead at her family home in Belgrade on April 8, 1994. Her death was ruled as suicide.

However, a new forensic investigation in 2008 rejected this and the state prosecutor opened the case in 2009 as a murder one.

The government commission tasked with finding out the truth about reporter killings, which was formed in 2013, included Vujasinovic's case in its mandate, Danas says.

Head of the commission Veran Matic has stated that the forensic investigatio in the Netherlands will be done Wiesbaden, but later said it could also happen in The Hague.

The media have speculated about the details of Vujasinovic's death for years, partly because of her family's struggle to review the suicide ruling, which resulted in the preservation of some of the forensic evidence.

The ballistic reports contradict the suicide finding, as they have determined that the gun used to kill Vujasinovic was fired twice, effectively ruling out suicide.

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