Serbia will soon see protests, Vučić predicts


Serbia will soon see protests, Vučić predicts

BELGRADE -- As he did two days ago after his meeting with Ivica Dačić, Aleksandar Vučić again on Thursday reiterated that Serbia "will soon face protests."

Speaking after his talks with Boris Tadić, the SNS leader noted that the caretaker government "will not be to blame" for these future protests.

"We will face very quickly protests that will be no fault of ours. The Constitutional Court has said - we are finishing with companies undergoing restructuring by May. We have to work in a different way and to set economic foundations in a different way," remarked Vučić.

According to him, it is necessary that in the coming period political parties do not get involved in "demagogic platitudes, but tell people openly and honestly what is it that we have to do."

Vučić also repeated another point he made two days ago, that his first trip abroad would likely be to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

He said he believes that the governments of the two countries could hold a joint session this year.

Vučić stated that his visit to Sarajevo would be "important for regional stability and relations between Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina."

"It is important for the sincere partnership and friendship that we must build. At the same time, we respect the Dayton Agreement and love the Serb Republic (Republika Srpska), but we very much respect, and will respect, the integrity of Bosnia-Herzegovina," Vučić told reporters.

To Serbia, it is important that the peoples of Bosnia-Herzegovina can reach agreements, that the people there live well and that the two countries have excellent economic cooperation, Vučić said.

"I am certain...

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