Some 250 Thousand Unemployed Bulgarians Not Seeking Work – Eurostat

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Some 253 thousand Bulgarians are unemployed, and are not actively seeking for a job, according to Eurostat latest data on potential additional labor force in the EU.

In 2013, the proportion of underemployed part-time workers among total part-time workers varied significantly among Member States, with the largest shares observed in Greece (72.0%), Cyprus (59.0%), Spain (57.4%), Portugal (45.9%), Latvia (44.4%) and Bulgaria (41.9%), the EU statistical official data showed.

Approximately 33 thousand Bulgarians work part-time, which is about 1% of all employed in the country.

About 10 million Europeans are underemployed, with some 2 million people in the UK, 1.7 million in Germany, and 1.5 million in Spain and France.

The potential labor force also varied significantly between Member States, with the largest proportions registered in Italy (equivalent to 12.6% of the labor force) and Croatia (12.1%), and the smallest in the Czech Republic (1.6%) and Lithuania (1.7%).

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