Anniversary of Syrmian Front breakthrough


Anniversary of Syrmian Front breakthrough

ŠID -- The 69th anniversary of the breakthrough of the Axis line on the Syrmian Front and final battles for liberation from the Nazi occupation has been marked.

Serbia's outgoing Prime Minister Ivica Dačić laid a wreath on the behalf of the government at the Syrmian Front memorial near Šid, in northwestern Serbia, and paid tribute to the victims.

The wreaths were also laid by delegations of the Defense Ministry, the Serbian Armed Forces, the province of Vojvodina and representatives of fighters of the National Liberation War.

Officials of the embassies of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Macedonia and a representative of the Croatian Armed Forces also laid wreaths and paid tribute to the victims.

Addressing the participants of the Syrmian Front, descendants of the fallen soldiers and numerous guests and citizens, Dačić underlined that Serbia will have no future unless it respects its history, adding that the future cannot be built solely on the past.

The government should be brave, make great moves and take large steps forward, Dačić said.

He said that today's democratic Serbia is indispensable to all international processes, regional and European integrations.

“The Serbian government is therefore determined to continue pursuing the policy of intensive internal development of the country and positioning in line with the capacities we have in many fields,” the prime minister said.

Dačić said that the breakthrough of the Axis lines on the Syrmian Front is a very important segment of Serbia's historical identity, and called on the citizens to stand united and focus on common goals so that we...

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